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The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life | Bishop T.D. Jakes

[Music] everything in my life i stumbled into is that right i stumbled into i never thought i would be producing films my wife and i started out doing gospel plays and going on tour during gospel plays we had no intention that we were going to ever do movies we were trying to do plays and trying to figure out how to do that right and losing and losing money and we went to atlanta and and just lost our shirts for the first play and in the process of stumbling around we finally figured out how to get the play kind of going good and then i met this dude that i said let's collaborate and do it together and the dude was uh what was his name uh tyler perry yeah tyler perry was fresh out of sleeping in his car right and i was fresh out of money [Music] and so we got together and collaborated and did a play called woman our loose reuben cannon was in the crowd and he saw the play and he said i want to make it a movie he said i want to make it a movie i didn't have very much i didn't have no movie money movie and money both start with the m for a reason okay when you have one you got to have the other but he said something to me that becomes the way business people think they don't fail to do something because they don't have the money he says we'll raise the money let's do the movie listen to the different attitude i can't do it because i don't have the money he doesn't see money as an issue if you see it as an issue it'll be a stop sign we put the money together and we did this little low budget phone film women aren't loose and just on a whim submitted it to the santa barbara film festival and won the festival and all of a sudden the movie that we were going to put on tv went to scream you see how you're stumbling into it it's not always that you planned it but if if you honor where you are with your best effort [Music] even if it is not it it will lead to it so as you walk along you stumble into it you wouldn't be in this room if you didn't have a vision worry about the vision more than the provision i find that the provision comes to the vision a lot of people ask for provision who have no vision and and money runs from blindness money runs from blindness yes yeah money runs from blindness money this you might need to unpack that one okay if there if there is no purpose there is no provision but and well i'm not talking about physical blindness i'm talking about blindness so far as career and future the first thing the bank wants to know is what do you want to do uh anybody who's going to invest in you wants to hear what do you see what do you see when jesus healed the blind man and touched you the first time he asked him what do you see because his response is based on his answer so the man said i see man walking his trees he said i'm gonna touch you again until i clear up your vision we can't leave this spot the first time i went to the bank it was amazing they wanted a seven year projection of our uh company and i thought wow i didn't know anything about business i thought what in the world did they want them for i could write down anything what they're really asking you is have you thought through the future that's right they're asking you can you see because if you can see we will fund what you see pro vision but if there is no vision how can there be provision so we when we want something ask god for provision but you need to be asking for vision because if you get a clear vision and you're passionate about it people support people not ideas so if you're not excited about it why should i give to it as a young boy i was enthralled by airplanes and the wonder of whether i would ever embark on a flight that would carry me to new exciting adventures and a life of limitless possibilities i came to know i had the power within me to soar and that has made all the difference in my life flying for the first time is a lot like creating your own business launching a startup or establishing a non-for-profit organization both require a leap of faith and a willingness to take a journey of unexpected variables in other words both require a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of courage don't let fear hold you back from doing what you truly love commit to your vision and be the ceo of your future when god gives you an opportunity a student just jumping on the opportunity you're supposed to see what it can be i tell them all the time god never made not one table yeah i love this in all of his years of being god he's never made a chair he's never made a table he just made a tree and the rest of it was up to us right when god hands you a tree imagine a table a chair imagine a wall in a room imagine a long cabin imagine what it can be imagine what it could be imagine what it could be so i'm in south africa and i'm on a safari and i'm i'm really like tripping off of this safari and i'm out here with all of these big animals and stuff and i notice the elephant is moving around the elephant is strong and he's big and it's tough and his powers and his weight he throws weight around and throws his weight around what can you do with it because he's so big god made him big as a defense the lion roars when he roars everybody is almost paralyzed in fear because god gave him his roar as his defense the cheetah says i can't roar like that but i can run like the wind the cheetah he goes running through the woods because god made him able to run because that's his defense the eagle spreads his wings and soars into the air and says i can't run but i can fly god let the eagle be able to fly because it was his defense and i'm walking around in the jungle and i said well lord i can't fly like the eagle i can't run like the cheetah i can't roar like the lion and i can't throw my weight around like the elephant what did you give man as his defense in in the whole ecosystem of human of life force what did you give me he said i gave you a brain your brain is your defense that's why god doesn't make chairs he only brings it halfway and then lets you imagine collaboration develop do you understand what i'm saying the problem with church people is that we are taught that god makes furniture so we pray and pray and pray i want you to look around your life for trees not tables god's going to bring it within the reach of your mind and your creativity is going to take it the rest of the way and it's going to turn into apps and it's going to turn into apple phones and it's going to turn the computers it's going to turn into satellite systems in the heavens look at what all we were able to do no other no other creature no other species has sent satellites up into the air created smartphones look at what we did with our head why are we in church not using our head it is not what you think about god that is holding you it is what you think about you that is holy oh ready let me try it on there it is not what you think about god that is holding you you got great thoughts about god it is what you think about you that k

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