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THE EASIEST WAY TO FULFILL YOUR EVERY WISH | Monk and tree story | Buddhist story |

[Music] once upon a time a man went to his gen master and said oh wise one i have come to you seeking a solution to many problems in my life it seems that whenever i find solution to one problem another one arises in my life please help me understand the nature of problems and their answers in my life the zen master said i tell you a story listen carefully then the zen master start a narrating story to the man and the story goes like this once upon a time a man was walking along on the mountain while walking he accidentally entered paradise in paradise there was a wish fulfilling tree which was called kalpavriksh kalparikshi is a kind of tree if you just sit underneath it wish anything and immediately that wish will be fulfilled the man was tired after walking for a long time when he saw the kelp reach he thought of doing rest under the tree as he lay under the tree he fell asleep after some time he woke up he was feeling very hungry he thought in his mind that i wish i could get some delicious food from somewhere and as he thought in his mind immediately delicious food appeared out of nowhere the man was so hungry that he did not pay much attention to where it had come from he immediately started eating the food the food was so delicious that he finished the food within minutes now after eating food when he was satisfied another thought arose in his mind he thought how nice it would be to have some delicious drink to drink no sooner had you thought in his mind precious wine and delicious drinks appeared from nowhere seeing this he became very happy and started drinking delicious drinks as he was drinking the vine in a cool shade of culprix tree with the cool breeze of paradise caressing his face he started wondering what is the matter what is happening why is my every wish getting fulfilled he thought there must be some ghost around here who is playing tricks with him as soon as he pictured the horrifying ghost in his mind the ghost appeared the ghost was ferocious horrifying and terrifying the man started to tremble with fear and thought now the ghost will surely kill me and as he thought is the ghost killed him on the spot after narrating the story the zen master looked at the confused face of the man and said my dear this story portrays your whole life kalpavrich is none other than your own mind whatever you think sooner or later it is fulfilled sometime the time gap is so much that you forgot that you have desired about it sometimes this gap is of yours and sometimes gap is even of lifetimes therefore always be careful about the desires and thoughts that arise in your mind because it is your thoughts that are creating your life [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that this cult freaks is none other than our own mind your thoughts create your health your thoughts create your heaven they create your misery they create your bless your thoughts are the one responsible for creating the negatives in your life and your thoughts are the one responsible for creating positives in your life if you think bad you will be bad and if you think you are good you will be good if you consider yourself worthy then you are worthy and if you consider yourself unworthy you will be really unworthy if you believe that your future is bright then your future will be bright and if you believe that your future is dark then your future will be dark you can have whatever you want with your mind you are a magician spinning and giving magical word around yourself and then you are caught in your own web there is no one torturing you except yourself your whole life is your own work your own creation [Music] you

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