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[Music] there is a very famous sculpture of kotambuta in which he is sleeping on one side that pose is also known as the lion's pose because the lion also sleeps on its one side without moving when gautam buddha was alive he used to sleep in the same posture whole night in one posture he would not move from side to side or even an inch from his sleeping position one of gautam buddha's disciples whose name was ananda was very much troubled because of this every night he could see that buddha was laying still on one side in a single pose whole night sometimes in middle of night he would wake up and would see that buddha was still in same position absolutely still just as he had always been one night he could not resist his curiosity and went to buddha while he was sleeping he woke him up and said i know it is not right to disturb you at night because whole day you have been walking and teaching but i could not wait for morning to ask you this question for 20 years i have been watching you but now i have to ask you about it anyway please tell me that how do you manage to remain in same posture that you go to sleep in in same posture for whole night do you sleep or do you simply go on keeping that posture because when i sleep i have to move continuously i can't sleep still in one position whole night gautam buddha said i have found the right posture for myself now there is no need to change it and i am awake as anyone even when my body is asleep i have found the right posture for my body but you are still searching for it it is not simply a question of tossing and turning the body it is because your mind is tossing and turning that's why you keep changing posture again and again whole night i have gone beyond because when i sleep there is no mind the body simply lays down like a dead body have you ever seen any dead body changing its posture when i sleep i sleep like a dad but at that time i am aware from inside and if you also want to reach to the extreme limit of awareness then you have to practice to sleep in such a way that when you sleep your body is like a dad the mind is also lacking but you are aware from within if we see in our lives then we will find that it is our mind that keeps on busy all the time during the day our mind always keeps thinking and while sleeping at night it always keeps dreaming in fact dreams are also a kind of thoughts which our mind keeps thinking during sleep what we think what we see or what we hear during the day we see it in our dreams at night due to the lack of peace of mind we keep turning and tossing all the night but once your mind is at rest your mind is at peace once it disappears your body can remain asleep but your inner eye your inner sensitivity your inner awareness can remain burning like a small flame not only watching your body but also watching the silent mind and the stillness around you this is also called yog nidra in sanskrit the enlightened person never sleeps like an ordinary person when the ordinary man sleeps he is simply unconscious and his mind is busy in dreaming but when the enlightened man sleeps he is not unconscious his body lies like a dead his mind is totally at peace but from within is totally aware like a lamp is lit in a room and every corner is being illuminated the more your mind is calm the less will be the movement of your body and the less you will have thoughts therefore whether you are awake or you are sleeping the lamp of awareness within you should always [Music] you

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