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The Book of Enoch Explained “The 10 Heavens”

forget everything you thought you knew about heaven think bigger there's an old mysterious book called The Book of Enoch and it talks about a totally epic journey through not one but 10 Heavens what did Jesus say in my father's house are many mansions just imagine a sky stacked high with 10 incredible layers some incredibly gorgeous others filled with crazy stuff you wouldn't believe the Book of Enix spills all the secrets we're going to crack this book open and dive into the MC adventure with you buckle up it's about to get weird and wonderful The Book of Enoch takes you on a wild tour of 10 different levels of heaven with Enoch Guided by Arch Angels at each stop some of the sights and creatures up there were so intense that Enoch was literally knocked to the ground with fear in this video we're diving into each of those levels as described in The Book of Enoch but before we begin let's set the background for a moment starting with the fact that Enoch was chosen by God to en says there was a wise man and a great Artisan whom the Lord took away and he loved him so much that he got a VIP tour of the highest Realms and the awe inspiring never-changing kingdom of God Almighty Enoch got to see the mind-blowing Glorious and radiant places where God's servants hang out God's solid Throne the organized ranks of heavenly armies and the Indescribable chorus of element sung by the army of cherubim not to mention a light show like no other this first show shows just how much the Lord valued Enoch taking him up to heaven while he was still kicking the only other dude to get this Live pass was the Prophet Elijah so we've established there's really deep connection between God and this Prophet now as the narrative in The Book of Enoch delves deeper we find out that Enoch met Angels Enoch himself recounts his interaction with the angels who escorted him to Heaven he describes initially experiencing a dream wherein these beings entered his room only to awaken and find them physically present he recounts while lying on my bed asleep a profound distress overwhelmed my heart I found myself weeping in the dream unable to discern the cause of my turmoil or what it pretended suddenly two enormous figures appeared before me unlike any I had witnessed on Earth their visages Shone like the sun their eyes blazed like lamps and Flames issued from their mouths they were adorned in resplendent garments their wings shimmered more brightly than gold and their hands were purer than snow they stood at the head of my bed addressing me by name awakened by their presence I was struck by fear so intense that it altered my countenance the Angels then reassured him be courageous Enoch and fear not the Eternal God has dispatched us to you and you shall Ascend with us to Heaven just a heads up before we jump in I'm here to point you towards the most high this isn't about worshiping Angels or any other beings just our main guy Jesus Christ just getting this clear and so with that out of the way let's get into the levels of heaven today the first Heaven is directly above the firmament above the Earth the firmament is Dome shaped structure that covers the Earth according to the Bible and we can also see this early depiction of the firmament in several ancient cultures even the most advanced Enoch describes seeing a huge body of water far larger than any ocean on earth God says in the Bible that there is water above the firmament go Genesis 1:7 says and God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and it was so now let's take a look at how Enoch explains the first heaven in his own words and they took me up onto their wings and carried me up to the first heaven and placed me on the clouds and behold they were moving and there I perceived the air higher up and higher still I Saw The Ether and they placed me on the first heaven and they showed me a vast ocean much bigger than the Earthly oceans then Eno goes on to explain seeing a mysterious group of figures known as the elders Enoch also explains seeing 200 Angels who govern the Stars Eno's depiction of the second heaven Bears a chilling resemblance to the concept of hell but it specifically pertains to Fallen Angels referred to as the Watchers in this realm Enoch observed a Darkness more powerful than any found on Earth where he witnessed prisoners awaiting their final judgment curious about the nature of their suffering Enoch questioned an Angel accompanying him about the reason for their torment the angel explained these are those who turned away from the Lord who did not obey the Lord's commandments but of their own will plotted together and turned away with their prince and with those who are under restraint in the fifth Heaven this mention of the fifth Heaven pequ Eno's interest hinting at its significant role in the broader narrative which he promised to explore further when he described that specific level the third heaven of which Enoch visited is like a paradise meant for the good folks but there's a Twist it's got a side that's eerily similar to Hell let's delve deeper into what this place looks like and who gets to chill there in Enoch 28 Enoch describes being taken to the Third Heaven There He Saw Paradise which he describes as inconceivably pleasant the trees were in full bloom their fruits ripe and fragrant providing an array of delightful smells in the center stood the Tree of Life where the Lord takes a rest when he goes into Paradise this tree is beyond words more beautiful than any other creation glowing crimson and fire likee and it fills the entire Paradise this tree of life is unique it incorporates elements from every Orchard Tree and Bears all kinds of fruit with its roots firmly in Paradise at the point leading to Earth the area lies between the corruptible and The Incorruptible Realms from it two streams flow one source of honey and milk the other producing oil and wine these divide into four streams that move quietly and exit into the paradise of Edom between the corruptible and Incorruptible eventually dividing further into 40 streams across the Earth every tree here bears fruit and the whole place is blessed about 300 radiant Angels maintain Paradise worshiping the Lord every day with endless voice and delightful song reflecting on this Enoch says how very pleasant is this place the guides respond this place Enoch has been prepared for the righteous the righteous as described in verse 9 are those who endure hardships and deny themselves who avert their eyes from Injustice and who carry out righteous judgment and who give bread to the hungry and to cover the naked with clothing and to lift up the fallen and to help the injured and the orphans and who walk without defect before the face of the Lord and who worship him only for these individuals this heavenly Paradise is Promised as an eternal inheritance as Enoch continued his journey through the third heaven

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