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Story of ten foolish men | The surest way out of misery | Inspirational story |

[Music] once upon a time there lived 10 fools they were very close friends one day they set forth on a journey while walking they reached a river on the way upon crossing the bridge they wanted to make sure that all of them had reached the other shore safely one of the ten began to count but while counting others he left himself out and then said i see only nine which means we have lost one who can it be did you contractly asked another and decided to do another headcount he also left himself out while counting and counted only night one after the other each of them counted but kept missing himself we are only nine they all acted in despair but who is the missing one they all made all kind of efforts but failed to discover the missing person one of them said he must have fallen into the water and drowned while crossing the river then one of them burst into tears the others also started wailing and crying meanwhile a monk was passing by seeing them weeping and wheeling on the riverbank he stopped there to inquire why they were willing and crying so loudly they told him what had happened with them and said that even after counting themselves several times they could find only nine of them then they said probably one of them has drowned in the river while crossing that's why they all are willing the monk who could see all the ten before him first began to laugh the ten fools were very angry that he was laughing when one of their friend has drowned the monk calmed them down and assured them that all were alive and no man had drowned then he said i will help you to find the tenth missing person so do as i say all the ten fools agreed to obey him then the monk said first of all all of you stand in a line then each of you should count himself in a serial order of one after the other like 1 2 3 and so on i shall give each one of you a blow and you shall recite your number so that all of you may be sure of having been included in the count and included only once the tenth missing man will then be found hearing of this solution proposed by the monk the ten fools got little happy at the prospect of finding their lost companion and they all stood in a line then as the monk gave each of them a blow they settled out one while the monk gave a blow to the second he said two and thus he teach of the ten in the turn and the last one said ten as soon as the last one said ten bewildered they looked at each other to discover who had returned then they all burst out with joy and started saying we are ten they said with one voice and thank the monk for having removed their grief if we see in this story we will find that the cause of the grief of those ten men was not the real loss of any of their companion in fact it was their ignorance or rather their mere supposition that one of them was lost and such is the case with all of us we live our whole life in ignorance truly there is no cause for us to be miserable and unhappy in our life but we impose limitations on our true nature of being infinite and then try that we are miserable for centuries the enlightened ones have been telling us you are not finite being but you are infinite being you are a pure self you have always been that yourself your ignorance is merely an imaginary ignorance like that of the ten fools as long as they all were in ignorance they were sad but as soon as they came to know that they have not lost anyone they became happy similarly whenever there is sorrow in our life understand that it has come due to our ignorance and once you have the knowledge of your true self then no circumstances will be able to make you unhappy this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching and keep smiling [Music] you

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