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Speak to Yourself This Way and Attract All You Desire

the words we speak Are Not Mere utterances they carry a lasting frequency within the ether often we are negligent in our speech not realizing its profound impact however our consistent spoken words play a vital role in shaping our state of being serving as a mirror to our inner world unfortunately many people are unaware of the power their words hold casually saying things without considering their consequences if one continuously speaks of poverty and helplessness those very words permeate The Ether influencing the subconscious mind the subconscious mind remains impartial to what we perceive as good or bad for ourselves and it Faithfully brings forth all that we express and believe to be true consequently our spoken words hold immense power as they shape our reality Neville goddard's concept of the law of assumption forms the foundation of this principle unbeknownst to us our spoken words unveil our unconscious assumptions and these very assumptions materialize in our daily experiences if we observe our words closely we will witness how accurately they manifest into the world around us Joseph Murphy once said as you sow in your subconscious mind so shall you reap in your body and environment therefore if one continuously speaks of weakness throughout the day that very weakness will become prominent similarly dwelling on lovelessness will attract more of it into one's life our subconscious mind operates without judgment that role belongs to our conscious mind hence when you express your desire not to be unhappy any longer your subconscious attentively heeds your words and emotions now you might wonder I desire happiness yet why does my subconscious seem to bring forth more unhappiness according to Neville Goddard we manifest not what we want but what we are instead of expressing I don't want to be unhappy anymore shift your words to affirmations like I am blessed and happy feeling wonderful by doing so you declare your current state of Happiness creating a distinct emotional Foundation ultimately your state of being plays a significant role in what manifests in your life speaking words of wealth and riches throughout the day alone won't suffice genuine feelings of abundance are essential when you cultivate gratitude for what you have and embrace a mindset of abundance a noticeable shift occurs in your speech complaints diminish and a desire to express even more gratefulness arises therefore it's prudent to observe your words and emotional connections throughout the day this practice allows you to recognize your unconscious assumptions which inevitably influence your life joking about negative aspects can have unintended effects on the subconscious mind self-deprecating humor though seemingly amusing can be unfavorable when considering its metaphysical implications every word that resonates within you holds significance and finds expression in some form sooner or later in light of this metaphysical truth complaining proves to be a detrimental activity by complaining you inadvertently give energy to the very things you're unhappy about further solidifying them into your reality this tendency becomes evident in unhappy couples who focus on complaints rather than understanding and love leading them to a cycle of increased unhappiness to improve this aspect choose your words wisely and opt for powerful and uplifting language in your interactions with others and yourself for instance shift from I hope I can win to I trust that I will win recognizing the subtle yet significant difference between hope and deep Trust similarly replace phrases like I will try my best with I trust that I will do amazingly by altering your words you infuse life and positivity into your being fostering joy and vitality such is the undeniable power of your spoken word a person's words alone can reveal much about them serving as a physical reflection of their inner State and an announcement to both the world and their subconscious mind providing insight into their true self therefore exercising caution in your speech becomes crucial it's essential to align your inner conversation with the frequency of love for it gradually shapes your outer communication when you adopt a loving approach towards yourself and your desires during your inner dialogue fostering compassion and self-love you pave the way for your words to manifest into the ideal you envision over time this alignment with love consistently yields positive and delightful outcomes your words hold significance and do not go unnoticed should you doubt their power observe the conversations of various individuals in your life you will witness a clear reflection of their words manifesting in their experiences it's worth noting that conversations of those facing Financial challenges often revolve around poverty and limitations while those enjoying Prosperity often focus on money and expansion in acknowledging this it's essential to avoid judgment towards any state of being whether in poverty or abundance both individuals are equally significant as expressions of the essence of God their apparent differences stem from their respective states of Mind creating distinct worlds in their perception to bring about positive change in their lives individuals need to refine their inner conversation by adopting a different way of speaking and living within their inner World Transformations can occur swiftly resulting in observable changes in their external reality the as Hermes Tres Magista said man is given the gift of speech and mind that makes him equal to the Immortals this profound truth suggests that our words possess an eternal nature they linger in The Ether indefinitely over time the energy generated by our words accumulates within the collective Consciousness ultimately influencing the manifestation of events in the world around us this extends to our personal lives as well as the words we express actively shape our individual experiences in this context it is essential to recognize that you as an individual hold a Timeless existence your words are akin to spells of magic carrying immense power and influence according to Hermes trismegistus understanding and mastering the correct use of speech and the mind can serve as a guiding force even beyond the Physical Realm into the Afterlife leading us into the realm of Gods the enduring nature of speech and mind remains unchanged even when the physical body ceases to exist this profound concept reminds us of the Eternal impact our words can have shaping not only our present reality but extending far beyond into Realms unknown a exercise caution and mindfulness in your speech as doing so will yield enduring benefits from your choice of words our words have a profound impact getting imprinted into the collective Consciousness and consequently they can bring forth either distressing experiences or blessings into this world if you speak negatively about the world you inadvertently contribute to its worsening s

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