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“Shiv Shakti Point” – Hindu Name A SCARr on Modern Science – Sadhguru Slams

Today where Chandrayan 3 has landed a name has been given to that point and the name is Shiv -Shakti Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that Chandrayan 3's landing spot will be named Shiv-Shakti but the moon space and earth all belong to humanity. So is it appropriate that a new place on the moon be named after a God or goddess from a particular culture? Apollo Luna, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune Venus What are all these? All, Greek gods and goddesses. Does it mean the planetary system belonged to the Greeks? At least we landed there It's a…, I'm very impressed. that these days Political leadership seems to have this level of wisdom But first thing you need to understand is Shiv-Shakti is not the names of some God and Goddess. We are talking about two fundamental forces. Clockwise. Anticlockwise. Masculine. Feminine. Well, in other cultures, they may call it yin and yang and so many other things. But the important thing you need to understand is that all physical manifestation in this creation happens between two polarities. There is no question about that. This is not from the civilization that we call as Bharat Well, this was the first civilization to speak about. But today modern science has established this beyond any doubt that everything that is physical is in some kind of rotation or revolution of its own. It's on a spin So in these spins if you see there are only two choices of how everything can spin clockwise, counterclockwise. They call it up and down. But there are only two choices. It cannot spin in a thousand different ways. It can only spin in two ways. These two we call Shiv-Shakti and it is fantastic that instead of calling that spot by their own names, as they did in the past, we are calling it by appropriate terms, that will matter for the whole universe. Thanks to the modern science, recognizing these deeply entrenched, entrenched civilizational aspects of this part of the world, modern science is slowly piece by piece, tiny piece by piece at a time, slowly validating it, every aspect of it. What was broken thousands of years ago Many millennia ago, these things were established. If you do not know this even something like 2700 to 3000 years ago, in this civilization, the study of the planet was called as Bhu-Gol (our land is round) This means a round the planet when everybody else in the world were arguing whether it's flat or round Here it is well-established. We leave that there. But it's really wonderful. There is a spot on the moon which is Shiv-Shakti so you can call it AB Then somebody will ask, why English language? Why we why can't we call it a aa(dev nagri pronouns) I'm saying this is a silly argument, but it is politically potential is Shiv-Shakti I think it's very insightful. And I would like to say this once again. It's incredible that political leadership is rising to this level of awareness.

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