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Seeing this all of your grief will go away | Buddha and a Grief stricken women story |

[Music] once upon a time during times of gotham buddha there lived a rich merchant in town shirawasti he had a very beautiful daughter named patachara many young men were attracted to her beauty her parents used to lock her up in the upper chamber of their house so that no man may lay his eyes on her patachara however fell in love with the servant of the household the merchant had found a rich young fellow to be wed to patachara but on her wedding night she ran away with her lover they fled from their village and made a simple living by doing many labor after some time patachara became pregnant and she left for her parents house with her husband to deliver her child as they did not have the proper arrangements for the delivery of the baby however she gave birth to the child on the way so they returned home after some time patachara again became pregnant they again left for patachara's parents home to deliver her second child they had to travel through a dense forest to reach her maternal home on the way a great storm broke out patachara started to have labor pains her husband went in search of firewood while he was chopping firewood a poisonous snake bite him and he died right there ignorant of all these things patasara gave birth to another child in the desolate forest she spent the whole night protecting her children from rain and waiting for her husband in the morning she went in search of her husband and reached a place where her husband was laying dead seeing her husband she was blown away with shock now grief-stricken patachara started walking towards her parents home with her children on the way there was a river that was in full speed due to monsoon lanes and it was impossible for her to cross the raging river carrying her both children so she left her older child on the bank and crossed the river with her newborn baby once she crossed the river she left her newborn baby there and went back to fetch her older child when she was in the middle of the river and nickel swooped down grabbed patajara's newborn baby and flew away seeing this she started to panic and scream hearing his mother scream patachara's older son thought that she was calling him so he jumped into the river it was not possible for a small kid to cross that raging river and soon he drowned in the overflowing river patachara kept screaming but could not save her child having lost both her children and husband on the same day she lost her mental balance and started to cry in deep agony as she neared the home of her parents she met a local resident from the village patachara told him about herself and asked about her relatives the man was dumbstruck after he heard her story after much bleeding he told patajara how the previous night's don pour had destroyed her parents house her entire family had drowned in the flood they had been taken to burn their funeral the smoke that you see coming from the west is probably from their funeral pyre after listening to this patachara was totally broken this last tragedy totally broke her heart she lost her mental balance and started roaming naked around shravasthi she was crying and wailing like a wounded animal seeing her naked people would scold her and drove her away in anger it happened that one day she reached athan while wondering and there lived gautam buddha with his disciples while rendering she reached a place where buddha was preaching she started going to buddha by spreading the crowd people started stopping her this created a noise in that place this noise and wailing of a woman caught attention of gautam buddha buddha stopped the people and instructed them to let her come to him patachara reached bhuta in a naked and insane state she had no senses and was behaving like insane buddha looked at her with compassion and said sister come to your senses and as if a miracle happened she suddenly came back to her senses and as soon as she regained her consciousness she realized that she was naked she was embarrassed and sat down to cover herself buddha gave her one of his robes to cover her body she wore the robe and laid prostate at the feet of buddha she narrated her tragic story to buddha in the presence of buddha all her agni simply evaporated a new calmness and peace descended upon her buddha said just as you are shedding tears for your children and family now you have shared tears in countless lives the amount of tears humanity has shed for being separated from their loved ones is greater than the amount of water in the ocean death and separations are the harsh rules of this world don't destroy yourself in mourning rather find out the way to be free from the bondage of sorrow hearing these words from gautam buddha patachara achieved the state of shrotapana as per buddhism shrodha panna is one of the four stages before one attains enlightenment then she took initiation from gautam buddha and became disciple of buddha and it is said that eventually she became enlightened before she left her body [Music] if we observe in our life we will find that sorrow always comes to teach us something had there not been such a great sorrow in life of patachara she might not have reached to buddha and attained enlightenment similarly sometimes some events happens in our life and we feel sorrow we should understand that sorrow has come for our betterment until there are no sorrows in your life you will never find a way to get rid of it therefore whenever there is sorrow in your life remember that it has come to take you closer to your true self a land of eternal happiness where there is no space for any sorrow this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching and keep link [Music] you

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