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Secrets of Ayurveda With Dr. Vasant Lad & Sadhguru | @ayurpranaplus

Dr. Vasant Lad: I listened to your talk on YouTube, I think you're talking Ayurved in a different language. Sadhguru: I've read only one Veda, sir, that is this one (Referring to oneself). Dr. Vasant Lad: Inner exploration is very important. That is the place where Ayurved is born. Instrumental music… Time 00:23 Sadhguru: Namaskaram all of you. Dr. Vasant Lad: Namaskaram. Sadhguru: Everybody looks like a bank robber, I don't know who are (Sounds like – there?) (Laughter). Dr. Vasant Lad: So, the Ayurprana is doing great work in the field of Ayurved. Sadhguru: Hmm. Dr. Vasant Lad: They create Ayurvedic herbal product. We bring raw material from India, organically grown, no chemical pesticides, no chemical fertilizer. Then we test it here, see that there are no toxic heavy metals, arsenic, mercury, lead and such a good work. They create Choorana which is powder form, Siddhatailam – medicated oil, Siddhaghritam – medicated ghee, Gutika Vatika tablet. And by this Banyan Botanical and Ayurprana, they're doing very good work in the field of Ayurved and so that Ayurved is becoming quite popular in the Western world, both in America, England, Germany. And amazing thing, there is so much hunger for Ayurvedic clinical approach. So I teach them Nadi Pariksha and in Nadi Pariksha, the basic Mandookagati, Sarpagati, Lavakagati, Tittagati, Hamsagati different Gatis are there. And with the grace of God, I'm a good artist, I draw the picture of the pulse, how it looks. Sadhguru: Mhmm. Dr. Vasant Lad: And we are doing webinars and each Friday some new subject, new topic, that how to determine Prakruti through the pulse, how to do the assessment of Vikruti, the present _____ (Unclear) status of the Dosha. Then through the pulse we can understand the Manas Prakruti, Manas Vikruti, Sub-doshas, Prana, Vyan, Udan, Saman, all these Sub-doshas. And boy, there is so much demand. People love that and to teach this subject in zooming or on zooming is quite an art. We have two, three cameras where I go near the camera, and I just say, "This is Vaat Pregam, Adya, Madhya, Antya Nadi; Adya Nadi – Vaata, Madhya Naadi – Pitta, Antya Nadi – Kapha. And then slowly the spike under each finger – Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and when we go deep, Niguda Nadi, Prakruti Pradarshane, Uttanatu Vikriuta. (Speaks in Sanskrit – not transcribed), hold it, hold it, leave it, hold it and then you will come to that state, that spike. And you have to just pay attention to the Kapha Spike, Pitta Spike, Vata Spike. Under these three finger, how many Vaata Spike, how many Pitta Spike you get and based upon that you can determine your Prakruti – the deep level, the seventh level is Prakruti. And Prakruti is your unique genetic code. It is your blueprint. It is still there, pulsating, throbbing under your radial artery. And amazing, people love it. So this work, Ayurprana is doing quite a fantastic work in the field of Ayurved. Sadhguru: Mhmm. Dr. Vasant Lad: And a couple of years ago I was in Coimbatore also. Time 04:03 Sadhguru: Is that so? Dr. Vasant Lad: That Doctor… Sadhguru: Krishna… Krishna Kumar _____ (Unclear). Dr. Vasant Lad: Krishna Kumarji, Krishna Kumarji and Ram Kumar. They invited me to teach Ayurvedic art of… See, this is… This is a lost art. No school teaches this ancient Vedic art of pulse assessment. And Krishna Kumarji, he loved it. He's such a holy person, and they have big school there in Vaidyagraman, and they do Panchakarma there. And there were about two hundred Ayurvedic doctors. They come there to receive this art of reading the pulse. It is art, but it is a science. And in Ayurved, science and art can go together. Sadhguru: It is just that everything is put through the same microscope today. Dr. Vasant Lad: Correct. Sadhguru: So (Laughs)… If you say, "I love somebody," they will check your blood and prove to you that you don't. Dr. Vasant Lad: Correct (Both Laugh). Sadhguru: So all the subtler aspects of life… Well… See, the… the grosser aspects of life manifest strongly. Studying them is one way. The subtler aspects of life, their manifestation is subtle. Dr. Vasant Lad: Yeah, absolutely. Sadhguru: So for everything if you say, "Show me where it is," you cannot… I cannot even show you the air that you breathe. Dr. Vasant Lad: Correct. Sadhguru: Nobody can prove that you're alive, actually. There is no proof that there is life here. The heart is beating but time will come when they will make the dead body's heart beat. It's not far away, I'm saying they can pump (Overlapping conversation) the blood, they make it work. So there is no proof that we're alive either. So in a way, this… for everything, gross physical proof, physical proof, will lead to a point where – it's already happening – where life is not valuable, only the structures that we build is valuable. The fundamental life itself is not valuable. We're forgetting everything else that we've built, the house that we built is only an accessory to our life. The clothes that we wear is only an accessory to our life but these things have become bigger than life itself (Laughter). Dr. Vasant Lad: Absolutely. Sadhguru: (Laughs) That's the… So in a culture and atmosphere like that right now, it needs to get to its peak and go down. Till then, it's hard to convince people about the subtler dimensions. Beginning to happen but still it's not mainstream (Laughs). Time 07:01 Dr. Vasant Lad: That's beautiful. Sadhguru: This is so with Ayurveda, this is so with almost every aspect (Overlapping conversation). And also, there is a… You know, like we've been running a small manufacturing unit on an experimental level and also prod… producing something to keep it going. So our work has been last twenty-five years to bring batch integrity to Ayurvedic medicine. It's simply not possible because the leaf that's plucked in the morning and in the afternoon, it's different, seasons are different. We found the batch variations, the efficacy variations are up to eighty percent and if you take any of the top manufacturers, even there it is so. But today people are asking for batch integrity like a chemical process where every batch can be the same in a pharmaceutical. In Ayurveda and Siddha, it depends on the season, it depends on the rainfall, it depends on the sunlight, it depends whether you, you know, did the grinding in the morning or evening (Laughs). You can't do it whichever way you like. So we're doing something very small, very, very small but super effective, but when we try to expand it, it loses its thing. So we kept it very, very small. Now, there is work going on to build a 1200-bed integrated hospital, which has both Allopathy and this because otherwise, I find… See, today a whole lot of things are… because of proximity of living populations in cities, most people, as they're suffering chronic ailments, along with that they have parallel infectious issues. If they are not dealt with

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