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Reflecting on the Roots of Christmas | a Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to our Christmas meditation lots of people are joining us today from all over the world let's start with a moment of silence and so we can be aware of our breathing breathing [Music] consciously in and [Music] out I was reading the other day [Music] about something that happened at Christmas in the year 1914 in the middle of the first world war when uh the soldiers I believe it was in France or Belgium the soldiers were in their trenches French German British soldiers and then on Christmas Eve the fighting spontaneously stopped and the soldiers could hear from the opposing trenches singing of a Christmas song that everybody recognized and that song was silent night holy night and gradually they came out of their trenches and in the area between the trenches so-called nor man's land they shook hands started talking to each other exchanged Gifts of food and other little items and they sang together that song Silent Night Holy Night each in their respective languages they talk to each other show show each other photos of their families and that became known as the Christmas truth of 1914 somebody even wrote a book about it and then the superiors the officers the command in the command centers were informed that this was happening and they said Oh we must put a stop to this fighting must resume as soon as possible and of course a few hours later or the next morning the craziness the insanity [Music] continued and in a way that event that happen spontaneously the spontaneous arising of ultimately is what is only sanity between human beings that seems almost miraculous and the insanity seems almost normal so if you believe that our present political discourse not only in the United States but also in other countries in Europe if you believe that's crazy then of course just think back to the first half of the 20th century and the insanity of all that so that moment and that song which triggered it that that Christmas song Holy Night Silent Night uh brought about a shifted in Consciousness it didn't [Music] last and that's an interesting song to me that song embodies something that transcends anything cultural or anything belonging to any particular religion it transcends all that because the song Silent Night really embodies the essence of spirituality which is inner [Music] Stillness it was composed in the early 19th century by an was the lyrics were written by an Austrian priest in a village in the mountains in Austria he had written these lyrics a year before and then Christmas Eve arrived and he had to present a piece of music in the evening service in the church so he had the lyrics and then he went to the school master of that Village I believe he was and he in the last few hours before this the church service composed the music to it and then that evening they both performed it together in the church and then it be it's gradually over the years it spread all over the world because human beings recognized something in that that went beyond any particular culture or even religion although the words point to something specifically Christian the birth of Jesus the spirit that this song embodies goes beyond that it transcends or that it goes very deep and so it was actually declared by the UNESCO uh uh as something I don't know what the official designation was World an intangible world heritage so in many ways Christmas of course has degenerated into consumerism and so on although there's nothing wrong with buying gifts and giving gifts that's a beautiful thing but it it has degenerated into that so it's important to ReDiscover the essence of it in the English language Christmas in English speaking countries many people don't use the word Christmas anymore they call it holidays the intention behind it I suppose is to not to exclude people who are not Christian and I can see the reasoning behind that but there is something there that is of great value value and somehow to me the word word holiday does not although originally that word is also beautiful because it refers to the holy day but it's been used in so many other contexts that is no longer really has that doesn't no longer does not carry that sense anymore of holy but Christmas still has the Crist in it and that's a very interesting word Christ in English it's pronounced when it's on in it by itself it's of course pronounced Christ Christ it's usually associated with Jesus of course but we need to remember that Jesus Christ was not his name Jesus or Joshua was his name Christ is a title that was given to him later in the same way that Buddha was not a name it was a title given to somebody and Buddha means the awakened one and Christ means literally the anointed one it refers to anointing with sacred oil which uh a holy person you could do that to a holy person you you would pour sacred oil over them it's it's the anointing that is a literal meaning but I believe there is a deeper meaning behind that word and I also believe it's no coincidence that Christ or Christ and Krishna the de one could say in Hinduism very important the most important figure in the Hindu tradition those names are so uncaringly similar Christ Christ comes from the Latin Christos which comes from the Greek Christos and then we have Krishna CHR Krishna is that just a coincidence or are they etymologically related I believe they are and if it's just a coincidence it's a very interesting coincidence with a deeper meaning because what that Christ refers to in its esoteric sense is a particular State of Consciousness in mystical Christianity that's called Christ consciousness and in some traditions even the term Krishna Consciousness is used and a similar term in Buddhism is called Buddha nature it refers all these refer to a particular State of Consciousness that is possible for humans to realize not to achieve to attain to acquire but to realize why am I making that distinction because that state of conscious is not something that is not already here that Consciousness which we could call the Awakening Consciousness Christ Consciousness Buddha nature is a potential that's already there dormant in many humans but already there so you don't need to acquire it or go somewhere else or find it in the future it's a realization that within you there is a deeper State of Consciousness than the one that you experience mostly in everyday life and that's the realization of in mystical Christianity it's called the realization of the Christ within in Buddhism it's the realization of your own Buddha nature which is your deepest sense of identity of being so you are on the one hand a person or a personality and the kind of personality that you are is determined by your past all the things that have contributed to to the arising of that particular personality or person and Beyond this person which consists of mainly of mental and emotional conditioning beyond that you are something deeper and Jesus pointed to that in his teachings when he said to his dis

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