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No One Can Stop God’s Plan For Your Life So Stop Living In Fear!

fear is a liar i say this because fear leads you to forget all that god has done one definition of fear says fear is false evidence appearing real you see fear creates a cloud that makes you think you are alone it creates a cloud that makes you blind to god's promises and his word and one way fear manifests itself in today's society is in the prevalence of anxiety disorders and stress-related diseases people are anxious about their job security people are worried about their financial situations people are stressed about their marriages or relationships and do you know what all of this does it conjures up the spirit of fear the bible says in second timothy 1 verse 7 for god has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind the bible says fear is a spirit now people fear things that they cannot control this is why jesus invites us or commands us not to worry matthew chapter 6 verse 25 tells us therefore i say to you do not worry about your life what you will eat or what you will drink nor about your body what you will put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing jesus goes on to say in verse 33 but seek first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you jesus is telling us to let go of the illusion that we are the ones in control because while we are not in control god is sovereign he's always in control while we don't know the future god is already in the future while we can't let go of the past god is already working out your present and your future the devil is the father of fear but god is the master of the future the devil is the warlock of worry but jesus is the prince of peace the devil is the architect of anxiety but the holy spirit is the bringer of comfort the lord tells us in isaiah 41 verse 10 fear not for i am with you be not dismayed for i am your god i will strengthen you i will help you i will uphold you with my righteous right hand as believers our lives should not be dictated by fear but rather by our faith our lives should not be crippled by worry but rather empowered by the word of god we must always remember that we are children of the most high god we have received the promises of christ that he will be with us always until the end of time and so there is no one who can save us because christ has already saved us stress and anxiety won't have the last word because christ has already had the last word fear will not have the final say because jesus christ has defeated fear amos 3 verse 3 says can two walk together unless they are agreed now this is an interesting bible verse that brings a number of things to mind everyone you walk with there's some level of relationship everything you walk with there is also a purpose too and if you look in the lives of men and women today you'll find that people walk in agreement with different kinds of people some choose to walk with those who are ambitious and career driven some choose to hold on to childhood friends even though their lives are heading in very different directions others choose to walk in the council of the wicked following their advice and example but here's the thing there are others who choose to walk with their heads held high they are proud of what they've achieved proud of their accomplishments and their success then there are those who choose to walk with their heads looking down they are ashamed of the past they are ashamed and scarred even by what they've done and at the core of all these examples i'm trying to provoke you i'm trying to challenge you to look at yourself and do an assessment who are you walking with who are you in the presence of or for some what are you walking with and carrying around there's a man in the bible named enoch and the amazing thing that we're told about this man is that he walked with god imagine being known for walking with god the bible in genesis 5 verses 22 through 24 says enoch walked with god after he fathered methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters thus all the days of enoch were 365. enoch walked with god and he was not for god took him twice we're told the words enoch walked with god when you expand your reading and really try to understand what the bible means by enoch walked with god you'll find that the bible is telling us that enoch walked in habitual fellowship with god enoch also walked with god in reverent fear and obedience so for the believer in today's world we live in a world that's sinful a world that glorifies sin it's spiritually dark and morals are well they're out the window pleasure pride and selfish gain those are the primary things that determine a lot of people's actions now you may wonder as we live in such a world how can you and i walk with the lord how can we walk with him in habitual fellowship how can we walk with him in obedience [Music] the bible tells us to repent for the kingdom of god is at hand it tells us to seek first the kingdom of god and all his righteousness the bible tells us not to walk in the counsel of the wicked nor stand in the way of sinners nor sit in the seat of scoffers so in order for us to truly walk with the lord we need to turn our backs on the world and on what it has to offer we need to turn away from things turn away from anything that side tracks you from walking with jesus turn away from everything that tries to derail you from walking with jesus turn away from sin and walk with jesus [Music] [Music] you

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