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[Music] once upon a time some wild dogs were chasing a heart of rabbits all rabbits were running to save their lives somehow they could avoid becoming victim of wild dogs and hid behind a bush every rabbit was tired and disappointed because of all the running and being scared of losing their life after wild dogs left rabbits took a breath of relief and when they felt normal they started discussing their condition [Music] rabbit said friends what life we have got we are so small insignificant and helpless creature we neither have horns light deer nor sharp claws like a cat if we get attacked we have no option other than to run away god has done a great injustice to us all the calamities of the world are thrown to us other rabbit said you are telling the truth friend there is always a crisis of life i am deeply saddened by such a dreadful life and want to end it another one said i also want to die i will just go and jump in the pond rabbits were now determined to end their life they made up their mind to go to pond and drown themselves they all started to go toward the pond there were many frogs living in the pond all frogs were resting on the bank of pond when rabbit reached near pond as soon as frogs heard sound of rabbit coming toward pond they all jumped into the pond all rabbits who came to pond to give up their life saw this seeing this one rabbit said friends you saw this these frogs are fearing us they have jumped into the water due to our fear do you understand its meaning this means that in this world there are even smaller and lesser capable creature than us they cannot compete with us they are afraid of us but still they are living their lives if that is so then what is the need for us to give up our lives therefore we should not be disappointed when they can live their life then why can't we all the rabbits understood that and left the idea of giving up their lives and returned [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that many times in our lives in the time of adversity we feel that we have got all the sorrow of the world but the reality is that there are more unhappy people in the world than us [Music] if we compare them with ourselves then we will find ourselves in good condition than them that is why life should be lived in the face of every adversity without getting frustrated with life and whenever you are going through adversity always remember that life is a circle of happiness sadness hard times and good times if you are going through hard times then have faith that good times are on the way [Music] you

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