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as you stand before the mountain of your struggles remember this with unshakable Faith you shall move this mountain approach me with a heart full of conviction and Assurance knowing that I will respond to your prayers walk steadfastly carrying a strength in your heart that refuses to make room for despair or sorrow it's understandable to feel burdened by family matters that pierce your heart with pain sometimes you must undergo a season of healing in solitude and prayer this time alone is not just beneficial but essential for your Soul's well-being yet know this my holy spirit will be your comfort and healer you were not meant to live perpetually in tears sadness and the anguish of past mistakes and disappointments your tears and suffering do not go unnoticed by me when you think you can bear no more I will be there to lift you up you shall not live in defeat your heart pure and beautiful is not meant to linger in darkness step into my light let your face glow with joy and let others see the happiness in your smile reflecting my love you are the manifestation of my love and I have performed countless acts for you with more miraculous Works yet to unfold I have been telling you there's no more time for discouragement or Retreat you are like the spearhead cutting through adversity Paving your way into a realm of blessings that I have prepared for you I will open your spiritual eyes helping you understand your role as a generational Beacon do not fret if you go unnoticed today nor be disheartened by the pain pain of hardships do not Overlook the gifts and blessings I provide everything happens for a reason and I am in control your attitude faith and belief are crucial they will Elevate you when you feel weak Feast upon my word bend your knees in prayer when your burdens feel unbearable look up to the heavens I am there I am also in your heart my blessings are not far off they are right before you your mountain of troubles will disappear your foes already vanquished tell me do you believe and love me upon your affirmation I will perform a tremendous Miracle Within you when you seek something from me come confidently show me your faith your gratitude is the greatest gift you can offer our shared moments are the most precious of the day so come without fear for I will not turn you away your sins are washed away by my blood there's no need for shame in my presence even when you drifted far and barely remembered me I showed you Mercy I sent Legions of angels to rescue you from the enemy's grasp to remove barriers from your path so you could return to me tomorrow you will come again bringing good news you will tell of the Miracles unfolding in your life ones you had not previously perceived your loyalty will be evident and I will listen with immense Joy this is why I have brought you here again to transform your life I don't want you to return to a place of hate contempt sadness and despair I am speaking to you now tell me will you believe in in me or will you listen to those who hinder your return to Faith they may demand perfection even as they are flawed no one in this world can claim Perfection before me therefore do not let your faith and spirit wne because of those who shut you out you are cherished here and there is only one true path one door to eternal life happiness and joy with me you will always find love acceptance and pure holy affection approach confidently day or night whether in distress feeling like a failure or when weakness tempts you into Vice and sin you are accepted here as you are I always hear your repentant prayers and offer another chance if you accept my forgiveness and wish to start a new Surrender Your Heart to me there's no need for explanations I know you need my my love and I am here to help trust me to lift the burdens from your shoulders open Heaven's Gates and shower you with provision understand this do not emulate those with corrupted Souls who lust after empty riches and criticize the untruly Blessed your faith acknowledges my reality and your heart knows the truth of my words I will bless you if you accept my word and my will if you put me first and if you choose to help those in need my blessings flow abundantly to those with pure hearts who do not slander who rise each day Desiring progress with my support through honest labor remember these words I speak to you let them resonate in your mind daily this holy message dear child is meant for your allaround Pros Prosperity just as your soul prospers if you believe I can transform you rise now and walk toward the blessing I extend my arms guiding your steps in my hands I hold your freedom your life can change if you believe it's not about changing through your strength it's about trusting in my love and power if you constantly doubt my words seeking opinions from those who oppose me you will never find Freedom or progress I wish to be your Guiding Light in the darkness that surrounds you I see that you are weighed down by doubts and your adversaries whisper falsehoods in your ear convincing you that you cannot re but I want to set you free from these chains once and for all change your way of thinking surrender that struggling mind with confidence know this I will never judge you come to me tomorrow and you will hear my word your soul will strengthen and together we will take step by step towards your freedom I long for you to feel my affection deep within your heart may your mind and heart be transformed by the love I hold for you and your family I cherish you and you love me I promise to open the heavens and shower you with blessings I will inscribe my word in your heart so your steps remain firm and you never stray from this all-encompassing love I forgive your mistakes remember that you are human and may falter but I am a god of boundless Mercy I accept your repentance and will rescue you even from the darkest Abyss my blessings far surpass any material wealth and the gifts I have in store for you are more valuable than anything this world can an offer when I tell you that I will open the heavens for you have faith and receive my blessings take my word seriously this is not a game my love is not hidden the affection I hold for you is not a mystery look around you feel the air you breathe the sunlight that touches your skin these are my gifts my way of saying that I love you and that I am here I have watched over you countless times rescuing you from the brink of darkness and error as you began this year with enthusiasm and dreams do not falter now in the face of obstacles and trials do not stop keep moving forward your dreams will be realized for you are important and valuable to me I have given you a purpose and I wish to manifest my love and power through you every day I fill you with my Holy Spirit your spiritual sensitivity is growing and soon you will see beyond understand the intentions of others and gain wisdom you will become even more intelligent touching the hearts of many an

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