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Master The Control of Reality | A Path to Spiritual Illumination

foreign if one holds the belief that this power originates externally it will inevitably govern and influence them however once the realization Dawns that we are genuinely interconnected as one Consciousness flowing through all things and that all power emanates from within then the path to ascending as a Divine being opens up with this awareness you gain the ability to consciously shape the reality you wish to experience an ancient manuscript Unearthed in a graveyard has unveiled a system for achieving spiritual illumination that was originally imparted by Jesus Christ to his closest disciples this work known as The Gospel of Thomas had remained concealed for countless centuries it comprises a compilation of Christ's teachings on to reshape reality through the Law of Attraction by harmonizing the mind and heart practitioners of this path can manifest their desires into tangible reality the Gospel of Thomas predates the written bible and was safeguarded by a group of Believers known as the gnostics derived from the Greek word gnosis meaning knowledge to the gnostics Jesus was an enlightened being sent to Earth to impart hidden knowledge liberating human Souls from the illusions of the material world possessing these secrets enabled individuals to employ techniques of profound mental focus to achieve Transcendent inner Unity thus establishing a direct connection with the higher dimensional power that gives rise to all existence over time the Gospel of Thomas was excluded from the collection of scriptures that formed the official Bible it was suppressed so effectively that for centuries the majority of people forgot about its existence then in 1945 an Egyptian boy searching for fertilizer stumbled upon an ancient burial site containing 13 sealed clay jars among the discoveries were several Papyrus manuscripts and one of them turned out to be a copy of the Gospel of Thomas now with this concealed knowledge brought to light it becomes once again possible to follow the path of spiritual enlightenment as laid out in the teachings of Jesus by embracing this system one can align their thoughts and emotions uniting them to manifest their desired reality the kingdom of possibilities exists eternally transcending all times and spaces to deliberately create the reality you seek you must tap into this realm and embrace the concept of thinking from the end believing in the Unseen and acknowledging the realm Beyond Time where your truest desires are already fulfilled holds the key to manifesting your will the mind which encompasses all times and potentials is the creative force behind the universe from the vantage point of this higher dimensional Consciousness the future you envision becomes just as tangible as the present moment by anchoring yourself securely in the unwavering faith that your goal is already accomplished in eternity you paved the way to its manifestation in the Physical Realm this principle finds validation in various esoteric wisdom traditions in tantric Buddhism it is known as taking the result as the path wherein practitioners visualize themselves as enlightened beings realizing that Enlightenment already resides within them similarly the new thought author Neville Goddard refers to this concept as fourth dimensional thinking by adopting this mindset you align yourself with the powerful creative forces of the universe bringing your desires into fruition to establish a connection with the Eternal source of creation achieving Harmony between your thoughts and emotions is imperative typically the thinking and feeling aspects of the Mind remain separate Jesus emphasizes in the Gospel of Thomas that overcoming this Duality is crucial to attaining a Godly state when you divide your thoughts from your feelings it hinders your progress towards your goals you might passionately desire something but fail to take action due to rationalizations that suggest you won't succeed alternatively you might have certain intentions but sabotage yourself unknowingly due to repressed desires the Lost sayings of Jesus offer insight into the transformation that occurs when you heal this inner conflict as stated in verse 61 of the Gospel of Thomas therefore I say if he is undivided he will be filled with light but if he is divided he will be with Darkness to be filled with light signifies being infused with the Divine energy that permeates the entire Cosmos accessing this Force requires acknowledging and integrating all aspects of yourself including your rational mind emotions body and the material world in verse 22 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus's disciples inquire about entering the Kingdom of Heaven his response emphasizes unification when you make the 2-1 and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside and the above like the below in other words Unity must be achieved between different aspects of your being to influence and align with the outer World effectively recognizing the interconnectedness of all elements within and without is the path to accessing higher spiritual realms according to ancient esoteric teachings the fundamental connection between mind and matter reveals that they are not separate entities the physical objects we encounter in the world around us are the condensed manifestations of a single Universal consciousness simultaneously the potency of our own thoughts and emotions extends beyond what we perceive like waves of magnetic force they Ripple Through Time and Space drawing specific things into our lives while repelling others success joy and fulfillment nurtured in our minds reflect in our external circumstances conversely fixating on the absence of certain things will only attract more loss and emptiness this principle known as The Law of Attraction operates in such a way that those who already possess something will receive more while those with little will be further deprived however the Law of Attraction can only work in your favor when your thoughts and emotions are in harmony mere concentration on your goals proves futile if Envy regret and self-pity fill your heart instead Infuse your thoughts with feelings of ease and satisfaction akin to the emotions accompanying success by aligning your thoughts and emotions positively you can unlock the true potential of the Law of Attraction and shape your reality accordingly the verses from the Gospel of Thomas hold a profound reservoir of wisdom for those who delve into their meanings through study and meditation particularly the following verses encode essential instructions on how to bring your true desires to fruition recognize what is in your sight and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you for there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest gospel Thomas verse 5. imagine the kingdom as a wise fisherman casting his net into the sea drawing It Up full of small fish among them the wise fisherman finds fine large fish he chooses the large ones with ease and throw

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