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MANIFEST YOUR DESIRE | The law of attraction explained | New buddha story |

[Music] once upon a time during his travel the buddha visited and stayed in a small village as always everyone who heard about the enlightened one wanted to ask him a question there came a man who asked buddha you always say that everyone can be enlightened if everyone can become enlightened then why does not everyone become enlightened buddha replied my dear friend do one thing in the evening make a list of the people in the village and write down their desires next to their names it was a small village with only a few people so the man agreed to do that he went to all the residents and asked about their desires everyone agreed to give him an answer and he had written the answers next to their names in the evening he returned to buddha and gave him the list buddha asked so tell me how many of these people seek enlightenment the man looked at the list and was confused because not even a single person had written such a wish he was surprised to see that then buddha continued i say that every man is capable of enlightenment but you see no one wants to be enlightened how can you get anything which you don't even wish for then buddha said most of the people think that they can't be enlightened because they don't think that it is possible for them to get enlightenment that's why they don't push it after listening to these words from gautam buddha the man understood that everyone is capable of enlightenment but barely anyone wants it he understood that if you want something then consider it to be possible if we see in our life we will find that we are not indifferent from those people we wish for many things in our life but barely few of us succeed in achieving what they want that is because somewhere in our subconscious mind we don't think that it is possible most of the people lack belief in themselves they don't consider themselves deserving if you want to achieve something in your life then first of all consider yourself deserving when you will consider yourself deserving then you can believe that it is possible if you wish something with your heart then you will also find a way to achieve it therefore if you want to achieve something in your life then first of all consider yourself deserving believe that it is possible and then try hard to get it if you can do that then one day your wish will surely come true [Music] this is words of wisdom stories thanks for watching and keep smiling [Music] you

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