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my beloved child do you wonder why this video has come into your life it's because of the immense love I have for you right now I'm here holding you in my arms letting you feel the Eternal sweet and wonderful love that I have for you I want you to release the pain that weighs on your heart as you listen to my words I'm healing your heart the sadness is fading and joy and peace are Tak taking its place I watch over you every second and this love between us keeps growing I want to protect you care for you and help you understand the messages I send to you every day I'm willing to do whatever it takes to change your mind set and beliefs remember you can change that is the truth my Divine love has the power to transform you but now it's your turn to believe in it my words of love are of no use if you reject them today make a choice to give yourself a chance and declare with strength that God has the power to change your life to remove lonel andess and sadness and to ignite the flame of My Love For Living stand up and declare once more today I can change hold on to the love of your heavenly father declare it again and feel how my Holy Spirit fills every corner of your mind and body I'm uprooting bad habits and vices erasing unhealthy thoughts and using my divine power to eradicate the depression that has been hurting you I'm cleansing your emotions and renewing the beautiful feelings that will fill your heart today this is not a coincidence this is the truth I love you and on this very day you will feel it and see it every everywhere you go you will experience a Divine Touch and I will be there welcoming you with open arms comforting you with boundless affection I want you to live and reclaim the dreams that were once lost I will give you the strength to forgive yourself I see the bonds that hold you back and I'm giving you the confidence to seek and find true friends I will remove from your son those who seek to harm you those who pretend to love you but only want your money and return contempt and confusion I am giving you a new life but I ask once more for your belief don't seek the opinions of those who oppress you seek the friends who uplift you and help you grow my heavenly forces surround and protect you but it's also your choice not to look back if you have faith and believe in my promises move forward forget the past let go of those memories that burden you with guilt I have forgiven your sins and I ask you to make an effort to forgive those who have harmed you it's not easy but you have my support if people refuse to forgive you and keep reminding you of your past distance yourself from them March confidently toward your future don't dwell on the past I will touch the hearts of those who have sinned against you making them repent and acknowledge the harm they caused you but you must continue on your path new and better times are ahead filled with great opportunities and Abundant Blessings look to the Horizon as far as your eyes can see I will lead and bless you don't let your age limit you don't deny yourself New Opportunities just because you feel you're no longer young remove those thoughts from your mind and reject the notion that there's nothing good left for you to achieve because your time has passed and you lack the strength to move forward this is the truth I am your father I am God my power is Supernatural beyond your imagination if if you believe then believe that I can rejuvenate your strength and transform your way of thinking only those who have faith in me will receive this special blessing but those who choose to follow the crowd and seek acceptance among negative people those who reject my word are also rejecting this wonderful and eternal life start today stand up with courage and determination even if the world has taken many opportunities from you I have come to give you life and restore what the enemy has stolen from you I will multiply your blessings as you feed on this powerful word that takes root and strengthens in your heart I will nourish you with the sweet honey that fills your body with Vigor and the Divine wheat that nourishes your mind filling it with beautiful desires from now on wake up each morning to seek this word let it fill you bring your prayers to me spend time with me and then go out to receive all the opportunities blessings and open doors I have prepared for you this is not a coincidence receive this message attentively inscribe it in your heart this word has the power to transform you I hear your thoughts I pay attention to them your cries resonate here on my Throne you are calling for a change in life and direction but let me tell you what you must do without feeling overwhelmed don't make hasty decisions today instead I want you to meditate silently and carefully on everything I'm about to tell you if you were to leave your current place where would you go I brought you to where you are today for a reason I have been by your side guiding and helping you sometimes you may feel desperate and unsure but trust me my child there there's no need to worry I've taken you by the hand and I will continue to lead you at this very moment I'm pouring Divine oil of comfort upon your head and a fragrance of security tranquility and Stillness that fills your room my presence in your life is real it's not a product of your imagination the same power that sustains the universe is delivering these words to you the Same Love that has cared for you since your childhood guides the voice that plants this word in your heart a word that shapes your destiny you don't need to wander from place to place from time to time or from thought to thought there's no reason for you to throw in the towel and lose your way if I brought you to where you are today it's for a powerful and Supernatural purpose even if you don't fully understand it now soon in the quiet of the night my spirit will reveal to you the great things I have in store for you my blessings incompass healing spiritual growth abundant provision and those who have departed from your life will return bearing great gifts and abundant Joy what do you desire the most I already know but I want to see the depth of your faith I want you to speak it out loud and ask me for it I will demonstrate to you that this word is alive today you needed to hear it feel it and bask in this Divine love that fills you with beautiful emotions I love you ask me and I will grant it to you I repeat it once more so that you can truly feel it and every fiber of your being can resonate with it I love you eternally I am the only holy and Supernatural remedy for all your afflictions I am your God your healer the one who opens doors and clears your paths I am your provider your protector in my hands I hold your life your future your family and you are enveloped in the mantle of my love today you are experiencing my presence in a tangible and Powerful way and you have been eagerly awaiting my words coming with a humble and

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