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my beloved child hear my words for it is no coincidence that they reach you now listen carefully to my voice focus on the message of love and understanding I bring you today know that this message comes not by chance but as a heartfelt expression of my love aiming to touch every part of your soul and invite deep [Music] reflection there are many who ignore my call and are swept Along by the currents of this world they fall into distractions and temptations that lead only to ruin and estrangement from My Love Therefore today my child I earnestly implore you to heed my words and avoid the empty fleeting and superficial paths prevalent in these times remember the world offers a life full of desires pleasures and temptations all designed to draw you away from me ultimately leading to your down downfall in this era I see so many getting carried away by worldly desires following its Trends and practices which only bring sorrow the lures of this world are plentiful and its pathways are deceptive though the ways of the world may seem attractive and full of Promise they in truth lead to the death of the soul but you my beloved child must not allow yourself to be pulled down by these forces for they will lead you into darkness and desolation do not be enticed by the false promises and fleeting Illusions offered by the prince of this world be not misled by Voices That aim to draw you away from my path and distort my truth my desire for you is to live a life filled with joy and happiness to achieve this it's essential to follow my teachings hold them dear in your heart and apply them in all aspects ects of your life understand that my teachings are your Guiding Light leading you safely and giving you strength in hard times know my child that I don't ask you to isolate from the world but to not align with its negative values and practices aim to be a positive force around you spreading my love and truth shine as a light in darkness a symbol of Hope in a world craving love following my commands and principles will bring you inner peace and true richness that comes from a life in tune with me do not fear the hurdles you might face for I am always with you don't lose heart facing daunting challenges within them lie chances for growth and strengthening your trials are Stepping Stones leading to Victory success and abundance trust in me wholly and let me guide your life follow my will and let my spirit guide your decisions thus I encourage you my child not to be swept away by worldly currents but to diligently follow my teachings and live by their principles resist the lures and dishonesty in the world for they lead to ruin seek wisdom and guidance in my words for a life filled with prosperity and fulfillment remember living in obedience to my teachings will bestow upon you Abundant Blessings my desire is for you to flourish in every aspect of your life finding the true peace happiness and prosperity that only I can provide do not drift away from my presence nor let the world draw you away from my loving arms trust in me and follow my Commandments even when challenges Loom large you will see how everything aligns for your benefit my child I love you and always want the best for you and that will never change so do not be disheartened by the difficulties you face today have faith in my grace sufficient to sustain you I am with you at every moment hearing your prayers and responding in line with my perfect plan if I speak to you now it is so my voice echoes in your heart and mind constantly reminding you of the importance of adhering to my words and loving others with kindness and compassion today my beloved I bless you raise your hands and let my light shine through you may the sound of my voice ease your worries Whispering words of encouragement and bravery guiding you to peace amidst life's tumult this message is not just a reflection but a vibrant expression of my eternal love and deep wish to see you thrive completely hold these words close to your heart wear them as a necklace Let each sentence soothe your soul and each lesson illuminate your path do not ignore my words let not my message go unheard do not turn away from this video for I have something important to impart to you today I address your weary heart accept these words with love do not fret over the challenges you face now everything is unfolding according to my perfect plan let things fall into place according to my will I wish only the best for you much like the father in the parable of the prodigal son who welcomed his Lost Child back with open arms in the same way I embrace you with everlasting love my plans are often Beyond understanding you might not see my hand at work right now but rest assured I am actively arranging everything for for your good trust in me for you will be filled with joy you will realize that the waiting and every tear shed have been meaningful heed my words for they are meant to guide you in these times I'm endowing you with the strength to endure trials follow my directives precisely take a deep breath and stand tall persevere through hardships for you are never alone I send my angels to to surround and protect you do not fear the hidden enemies that wish to see you fall my shield is around you and your household nothing and no one can harm you under my watch do you realize who is with you it is I the king of kings the Lord of lords your heavenly father overseeing your life from above my presence alone is enough for you to March towards Victory without fear or hesitation I am your Shepherd your guide your strength and the one who grants you Victory When Trials come you need not fear in the darkness you will recall these very words you shall Traverse The Valley Of Shadows with my spirit and I shall Grant you the strength to conquer cease your worrying for today you shall receive the answers you await do you believe that I have not heard you I know your thoughts your desires the deepest longings of your heart Nothing Is concealed from me for your request to be fulfilled you must take action I shall provide you with the tools and wisdom to execute my will exercise Prudence in carrying out my plans do not rush and do not succumb to the snares of ambition be cautious be wise the plans of the diligent tend toward abundance but recklessness leads to poverty y not everything is predetermined I shall bestow upon you the strength to change the winds in your favor you have sailed without my guidance and time has proven me right yet you still have the opportunity to alter things you have heard me my timing is perfect neither too soon nor too late but at the right moment take heart great and favorable opportunities approach amid them you shall encounter or obstacles but if you place your trust in me there shall be nothing to fear remember that behind every trial lies a great blessing allow me to transform your thoughts let me work in your mind and allow me to change your life making you an instrument of m

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