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Is it OK to Masturbate? – Sadhguru Answers

Semen is of an extraordinary level of potency. You are using it to spill it on the JNU bed sheets OK. If that's how you're using it, well, that's your compulsion. We have a biology. We cannot put it under the carpet It's there body has its needs that it has. That is physical hunger So there is sexuality. But to what extent is your choice So in the yogic culture, this is called as Virya It is one of the most potent things. Obviously, it has a potency if you know how to explore So can we have the truth about masturbation? This does not mean you do not have a body. Body has its needs as it has. There is physical hunger. So there is sexuality. You have to address it in some way. But to what extent is your choice? But definitely should not be the front end of your life because you are rolling back evolutionary scheme of putting your intelligence and consciousness in the front. Instead of that, you're putting your biology in the front. Well, if I give you soup making ingredients, either you can make a great soup or a lousy soup. Depends what kind of skills you have, isn't it? So this goes for everything, not just for semen. Every dimension of your body and your mind, you can transform it into something tremendous. Or you can make it mediocre. Or you can make it a serious problem. Every aspect of your life that goes for this aspect of life also, when you're investing so much energy in that, obviously it has a potency if you know how to explore. But are you competent to explore? Are you capable of exploring? Do you have the necessary Sadhana and guidance to do that? That's a big question mark.

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