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my beloved child let go now of those worries that haunt you the anxieties that weigh heavily on your heart you sacrifice peace when you constantly churn them in your thoughts burdening yourself with worry as you contemplate the future instead of enduring those restless nights hand over your concerns to me and allow yourself the peace to sleep soundly release now everything that holds you back and have faith my purpose is to instill peace in your existence recognize the value you possess in my sight you are not an accident but a being with a unique and important purpose in this vast Universe your potential is immense and when you fully embrace it you will Ascend and become a source of blessings for many this is precisely why distractions stand at your your doorstep eagerly wanting to enter should you let them in they swiftly take over your thoughts drumming up a cacophony of noise stress and confusion within you I assure you this is the truth it holds regardless of your Origins your family background the shadows of your past or the depths of pain you've experienced you've entrusted your life to me and now above all I wipe away your past heal your wounds clear your vision and unveil a future filled with blessings I will grow your wisdom boost your intelligence and give you both courage and caution you'll learn to control your words I'll ease your worries and teach you patience the transformation has already begun preparing you to take the first step and walk joyfully towards the promise of a new life leave behind the past and the dreams that have drifted away now focus on a fresh path leading to Divine blessings I talk about a future rich with prosperity and Holiness but you drown out my words with your worries lying awake at night listen closely now this isn't a game having faith and trusting in me isn't about pretending to be all right while suffering inside I don't want you leading a double life where where outwardly you appear happy blessing others but inside when you're alone fear overtakes you haunted by past spiritual battles that knocked you down you smile and shed tears at the same time but hear me closely don't ignore the guidance I'm sharing with you once more understand that Faith isn't about a Flawless existence or evading challenges it's about clinging to my promises even when times get get tough knowing you're capable of facing any challenge aware of who's by your side stand resilient in the midst of turmoil confidently bringing your worries to me admitting when you're overwhelmed seeking the Vigor to press on embracing faith means you've handed your life over to me waiting with Assurance for the blessings I've assured secure in the knowledge that you and your loved ones are safeguarded by by my might no matter where you find yourselves my presence envelops you my forces Champion your cause shielding you from unseen perils faith is about getting up dusting yourself off and advancing pursuing the dreams and goals I've set before you in spite of your frailties your Mists and your history therefore I implore you listen to these words once more I want you to remember them well and etch them into your heart by Nightfall may you sleep peacefully and without concern I want you to read aloud Psalm 23 again and again pronounce it letter by letter word by word feel how as you say the Lord is my shepherd your entire being envelops in Divine peace and your heart grows calm now close your eyes and Express gratitude for your life for your family be thankful for the love I extend to you today I'm speaking directly to you urging you entrust your life to me your struggles your heavy loads I no longer wish for you to be bound by those deceitful feelings that sap your spirit don't be Shackled by anxiety learn to rely on this heavenly father who holds you dear and always wants the best for you do you trust me please let me know know as you do feel my love enveloping you get ready for I'm about to open the door you've been fervently praying at I'm aware of your imperfections your faults and frailties yet what's important to me at this moment is your faith the flicker that keeps you going praying knocking sometimes even with a loud Cry For You know to the one who persistently knocks the door will swing open to the one who calls a response will be given to the one who earnestly asks it will be provided your faith Delights and fills me with joy I look forward to bringing a smile to your face when you discover that in my heavenly realm your name is well known for you are celebrated as a beacon of steadfastness endurance determination bravery and faithfulness in the days ahead I plan to show you just as I do every day you know this well but now I want you to feel my presence even closer I want you to see for yourself that your heavenly father is real all powerful and supreme your life and your family's future are in my hands just as you've trusted me until now I want you to continue on your journey sometimes walking sometimes running but always with pride and without stumbling keep going Champion there's still much for you to achieve you're meant to reach your goal victorious in my sacred name with one hand you shall receive the blessings I bestow upon you and with the other you shall offer Aid to those in need in their hearts I bless you as you assist others I shall prosper you extend your hand first to your family then to all who sincerely seek your help along your path fear not you shall lack nothing you won't have to face poverty anymore leave the hardships of the past behind all your needs sorrows and frustrations are now just history no one will take away what's yours but remember to keep up the honesty and faithfulness that have always guided you you're not meant to deceive or betray leave such lowly behaviors to those who lie and cheat let them go their own way I'm with you through everything I won't leave you or get upset when you falter and get a little dirty from the world's mess I know you'll get back up you've been loyal for so long and if I see your faith starting to slip I'll reach out and lift you up again I am your true guide unlike those false leaders who offer help only in your worst times and then abandon you when you're down I'm not like people who might deceive I have no reason to lie my words to you are direct and sometimes they may be hard to hear but it's because I'll always give you the truth I hope you understand and do not become like those confused Souls who seek only to scratch the itch in their ears Desiring to hear only sweet words know that I speak to you with affection and want you to feel well but at times like today I shall speak directly to your heart for I wish to see you prosper Ing and abundant not pursuing false doctrines born of perverse imagination I have bestowed upon you the sword of my truth arise and fight I have anointed you with my Holy Spirit None Shall stand against you all the days of your life just as I was with my servants in t

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