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[Music] once upon a time there was a king once the king announced in his kingdom that whosoever will make the world's most peaceful painting he will be given reward as per his wish but that painting should be the most peaceful painting of the world after seeing it the mind becomes completely calm and peaceful the announcement was made and date of competition was fixed on a certain day all the painters gathered in the palace all the painters started making paintings by evening all the painters had completed their paintings now it was the time to choose the best painting which is the most calm and peaceful painting the king started watching and analyzing all the paintings one by one all the paintings were extremely beautiful it was difficult for him to choose one painting eventually the king chose two paintings which he found to be the best both those paintings were kept in a balance so that all the people can see it both paintings were extremely good people from far away came to see both the paintings they were eagerly waiting for the king's decision the first painting was very much light by all the people that painting was very beautiful in that picture there was a water lake the water of the lake was so clear that even the small stones below it were easily visible there were beautiful white snow-covered mountains in the painting whose shadow was seen in the lake there were beautiful white clouds in the sky it was evening time and birds were flying nature was at its peak seeing that painting anyone could say that this painting would get the first prize but the second painting was a little scary it was a picture of a stormy night there were black clouds and lightning in the sky strong winds are blowing the waterfall from the mountain was falling at a very fast speed and it seemed that as if the flood was about to come due to strong wind trees were swinging it seemed that everything is going to be destroyed it was really a very destructive scene people could not understand why this second painting was shortlisted there was no match between the first and the second painting everyone felt that the first painting is surely going to win but when the king announced the result everyone was stunned the king announced the second painting as a winner and declared it the most peaceful painting in the world all the people were surprised to hear the king's decision but no one had the courage to ask the question to the king but the artist who made the first painting dared and asked the king he said my lord please excuse me but can i know what is the special in the second painting that you have chosen it as the winner there is all over destruction in this picture what is beautiful in it the king smiled and said my dear friend perhaps you have not seen this painting carefully had you seen it carefully then you would have noticed that there are trees whose branches are swinging due to strong wind near that waterfall and one of these trees has a small nest on one of its branch in which a bird is sitting with her young children they are sitting very peacefully and the mother bird is feeding her children there is a storm everywhere it is raining heavily there is lightning in the sky there is a hevocab river and in such a situation a bird and her children are sitting peacefully in their nest and there cannot be any better depiction of inner peace than this painting if we see in our lives we will find that most of the people think that peace is in conditions pleasures or circumstances but in fact peace is not somewhere outside but it is within yourself if your mind is not calm it is filled with worries then wherever you will go you will feel disturbed because inner peace is not found by tempting to escape from life but found by facing life and solving its problems if you cannot find peace within yourself you will never find it anywhere else therefore find your inner peace within yourself and once you find it allow your inner peace to rest within you [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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