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If God Is For You Who Can Be Against You? (Motivational & Inspirational)

there's a time for everything under the sun there's a time to laugh and a time to cry there's time to work and a time to rest there's a time to live and there's time to die now as a Christian there is a time for you to read the word and build your understanding and knowledge of the things of God and the ways of God there's a time to pray in the time to serve but what I'd like to talk to you about is when it's time to fight because there will come a day there will come a season when you will have to fight and this fight could be for your family it could be a fight for your health or a fight to be set free from sin whatever it is sooner or later you will find yourself in the middle of a fight now when problems arise when battles are before us when we experience spiritual warfare the word of God has to be a source of constant reassurance to us it must be that which ignites the fire in our faith it must kick-start your hope and belief so that regardless of what you're facing despite the size of the enemy despite whatever is taking place in our lives we have a Divine and Heavenly insurance policy which is the word of God when we're tossed to and fro through the waves of adversity this is when we should gear ourselves up to fight this is the time that we have to pray fast and study God's word in order to find peace in the midst of it so during those seasons in those moments when we feel overwhelmingly discouraged and without any strength to keep going this is the time that we must call out to God this is the time that we must seek strength from the Lord this is the time that we must cling on to the power of the Holy Ghost many Christians have the expectation that once they are saved life will be Blissful and filled with joy all the time this is obviously the wrong expectation to have it's simply not realistic so instead I encourage you to expect some challenges in life but expect to overcome through the Power in the Blood of Jesus expect to face a Goliath or two but also expect the might and power of the Holy Spirit to see you through expect to walk through the valley of the shadow of death but people of God you should also expect that the Good Shepherd will be looking out for you his rod and staff will be right there to provide you with Comfort expect adversity expect the Lion's Den expect the Red Sea but expect Jesus Christ to deliver you out of each and every situation when Paul wrote his second letter to the Church of Corinth he had endured horrific events three shipwrecks he survived a stoning endured five lashings frequent imprisonments and three beatings all of this was enough for Paul to fall into depression and despair this was enough for Paul to be left discouraged under such pressure many Christians would have fallen into a pit of despair but I want you to see what the Bible says in second Corinthians 4 verse 8 to 9. we are hard-pressed on every song but not crushed perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not abandoned struck down but not destroyed we may face battles and attacks in this world but we can trust in our Mighty God to be our shelter through it all in God's word we are told that we will have to endure trials experience some pain and encounter some disappointments is not what we like to hear but think of it this way if God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son one who was pure holy and blameless only to then watch him carry all of the sins of this world and be crucified is that not a painful experience with everything that Jesus went through the persecution the physical pain and torture who are we to then say to God why did you send me this disappointment in my life why did you let this event happen that made me feel some pain we need to get things in the right perspective We are following Christ We are following his example and we should be confident that despite everything he went through in the end he wins no second Timothy 2 verse 3 says you therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ now sometimes when Christians experience trials and distress there can be a tendency to despair for some they even fall into depression some of the Bible grace like David Abraham Moses all suffered some level of disappointment and deep despair and for the Christian man or woman listening today I want you to know that although you are not immune to disappointments there is a way to gain victory over mental anguish and emotional despair now while I could give something like five easy steps to a healthy emotional state during tough times let me instead tell you that there is only a single step that needs to be taken in that step is trusting in Jesus Christ relying on Jesus Christ and coming to a place where you say Lord my life is in your hands and you truly mean it of course one may now ask how do I do that and it's a good question the answer starts with knowing what the Bible teaches through the word of God and it's through prayer in those dark times that the Lord ministers to us breaks through any dark clouds of any depression or anxiety we face in Exodus 14 verse 14 the Bible says the Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace this is a promise for us a promise of safety God will fight your battles he will fight our battles and we need to only hold our peace and so there's no need to go back and forth trying to fight here and there and everywhere instead let God work on your behalf because we have a promise that the battle you face Belongs to the Lord the Bible in Philippians 4 verse 19 says and my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus this is a promise for provision you have a need God can meet that me this doesn't mean you will have everything you want but in Jesus Christ you will have everything that you can ever need so I encourage you to get to know God's promises get to know them and hold on to his promises when the Bible says be still and know that I am God it's really telling you to stop everything you're doing stop worrying stop fighting stop resisting and start yielding to God start listening to God there is something about Stillness and I believe that this verse is calling us to be still before the Lord because we need to direct all of our attention all of our focus on the Lord you see when you spend time getting to know the Lord when you spend time in the presence of Jesus Christ you will truly be transformed and I encourage you to desire and hunger for these types of Rich Encounters in the presence of God because it's only in those one-to-one intimate encounters that each of us can get a personal revelation of who God truly is it's only in those one-to-one intimate encounters that each of us can be empowered and filled with Courage the courage to face the world and stand up for Christ the courage to stand up to the devil and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord the Bible presents us with the story of two gardens the Garden of Eden and The Garden of Gethsemane Adam

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