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I Am Listening and Here for You | Gods message today | Gods message for me today | God’s message No

my beloved I want you to feel the warmth of my presence like a comforting Embrace in your moments of need I hear your cries your hopes and your fears You are not alone I am right here with you offering my love and guidance in your times of trouble know that I am here to lead you out of the darkness all I ask is for you to open your heart to me to let me in when you do you'll witness Miracles un folding in your life I don't want just a fleeting visit from you I long to be at the center of your heart loved with all your strength soul and mind I want to be the focal point of your thoughts make a lifelong commitment to me today and you will see how my presence transforms your life that emptiness you felt that longing to be filled invite me into your heart and and watch as everything changes those who have hurt you will seek forgiveness closed doors will swing open and those who once rejected you will value you I will bring new genuine friends into your life banishing loneliness and sadness feel what I'm saying deep within your soul my words have the power to change things for your benefit to turn the tide on the challenges you face don't be frightened by unexpected obstacles don't let hurtful words bring you down and don't weep over misunderstandings ignore the criticism and insults of your enemies I will shield you from their attacks awaken each day with my words on your lips you dwell under the shadow of the almighty sheltered by the arms of your heavenly father you seek my help because you know my love for you is unwavering and my promises are true rest assured I will indeed help you face life with strength peace and the joy of knowing I am by your side even in moments of weakness when you think you failed remember my boundless Grace and unconditional Mercy I've never failed you before and I won't fail you now when you need me most when your heart aches and your soul cries wake up each morning with hope listen to my voice once more and you will find find the strength to face the day believe in me for I have a future of peace and joy for you hold on to my love with all your might you must live you must keep moving forward keep walking despite the obstacles fix your Gaze on my promises and don't be discouraged when challenges arise when problems surface remain undaunted in moments of threat recall the courage you have in me believe with all your heart great spiritual and eternal riches will emerge from the lessons you've learned where you are I will bless you with prosperity because I have chosen you seek me in prayer humble your heart daily and Delight in my presence I will grant the desires that reside within you you've heard these words for a reason remember and never forget this is your time seize this moment I will bless you and your family today I'm here to remove the unexplainable anguish that sometimes haunts your soul I want to uproot any source of sadness in your life I love you and I hold your letter of Liberation sent directly from heaven in my hands give me your desperation and worries right where you are as you listen to to me feel my gentle touch on your head and let the healing power of my Holy Spirit flow over you every illness mental Affliction and torment in your soul is cleansed from head to toe you don't have to keep suffering you have direct access to my Throne I am your father and I gave you the gift of life to enjoy with those you love listen closely I'm giving you the energy and encouragement to wake up with a new spark in your eyes let the sun's Rays illuminate your face embrace the fresh Breeze and Proclaim to the world that I am your Shepherd your provider your healer your strength know that my word is a lamp to your path guiding your way it's the map to a supernatural land of opportunities but first you must heal your fears must dissipate and your emotions stabilize you can't embrace new blessings with a soul weighed down by anxiety or fixated on the past I am the only remedy for all your troubles come to me with confidence when you feel down give yourself a fresh start your sadness pain and distress are behind you today you are free and you are healed allow me a moment to embrace you and speak words that strengthen your spirit wake up each day with a heart full of joy joy and unwavering faith in my boundless love no one can bring you down for I lift you up no one can defeat you for I protect you no one can curse you for I bless you no one can discourage you for my Holy Spirit fills you with confidence enthusiasm and joy every [Music] morning if you trust in my love completely if you believe with all your heart that I I am always with you if you remember these words then when despair threatens surrender everything to me painful moments will pass when the world's attacks push you into a pit of despair listen carefully I am your almighty God the Creator your father your guide your friend the Lord of your life I extend my helping hand when you need me all I ask is your loyalty your faithfulness stumbles happen in moments of weakness but I see your goodness and sincerity I understand your desire to grow and stay on my path you won't return to the Past nor associate with those who do wrong seek out those who encourage and uplift you know me in a new and profound way understand that my love for you is greater than you've been told and that I am not angry with you change for your own benefit benefit I will give you the strength to control your temper and keep your emotions steady you will be transformed unrecognizable to many your joy will shine fear will vanish your steps will be firm and your words kind unshakable faith will fill you each day upon waking remember my promises and feel my guidance on blessed paths I will clear your way and protect you from from hidden enemies from those who deceive and malign you will sleep safely even when a thousand may fall at your side for you will remain in peace full of life and health I ask for your faith your heart your loyalty your complete surrender you are deeply loved my child and your heavenly father walks with you every step of the way embrace the blessings awaiting you for your Your Time Has Come fear not for I am here with you speaking to your heart in the gentlest of Whispers I want you to know that I have blessings beyond measure ready for you more than you could ever imagine or request your life will be filled with wonders beyond your wildest dreams as the days turn into months think back on your journey the times of pain and tears and the moments when despair seemed endless through it all I have been by your side turning your trials into seasons of love and blessings remember this always for I don't want you to become prideful thinking you earned these marvelous blessings Through Your Own Strength stay close to me in prayer and remain vigilant for the enemy prows like a roaring lion seeking to devour your faith the enemy will try to shake your convictions and dismantle your dearest plans but you

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