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my dear child it is in the quiet Whispers of the morning and the soft glow of the evening that I reach out to you seeking to touch your heart with an Embrace warmer than the sun's rays in the Stillness I am there in the laughter and the tears the triumphs and the trials I am ever present I who sculpted the universe and painted the sky with stars did not hesitate to step into the Toil and soil of Your World World bearing the weight of love that could not cannot be contained understand my beloved that your life is not a series of random events but a tapestry woven with the threads of my grace each thread is a gift each color a blessing each pattern a lesson of love and strength yet I see how the darkness of ingratitude can Cloud your vision how the chains of discontent can bind your spirit and how the dungeon of dissatisfaction can claim your joy hear me then as I speak of Freedom the kind that comes from a heart so full of thankfulness that it overflows yes it is in giving thanks that you are released from the grips of discontent when you feel the shadows of Despair creeping upon you when the Whispers of not enough echo in your mind pause and look around you count the stars number the blessings and remember that each one was crafted with you in mind begin a journal of gratitude if you will let each page be a testament to the goodness you've encountered the smile of a stranger the kindness of a friend the beauty of a sunset or the simple Miracle of waking up to a new day these notes will be your weapon against the lie that you are lacking your Shield against the onslaught of greed and my child immerse yourself in my word just as the rain soaks the Earth and brings forth life let the scriptures drench your soul sprouting seeds of wisdom and peace my word is alive active cutting through the fog of confusion and lighting up your path when I spoke the universe into existence my word was the power that turned chaos into order and it is the same word that can transform your heart and mind remember I did not merely send commands from on high I came down to walk beside you to show you the way to live as an example I The Creator became as the created to reveal a love that defies depths Heights and the expanse of time in my actions in my words and ultimately in My Sacrifice you see the lengths to which I would go for you as you navigate the currents of this life do not be disheartened by the es and flows you may sometimes feel a drift but you are never lost to my sight with every high tide of joy and every low tide of challenge I'm molding you making you stronger more resilient and drawing you closer to me when you are weary when the world's clamor muffles the song of your soul whisper my name in that moment of surrender you will find strength in your weakest hour you will find my power made perfect for it is not by your might nor by your will but by my spirit that you're carried through each day so let me remind you of the Stars the countless lights that pierce the night sky they are my promises to you ever fixed and unwavering and just as the the dawn chases away the night my love is a constant sunrise over your life dispelling darkness and bringing forth hope with every Hue that paints The Horizon come then step out of the Shadows lift your face to the light of my presence and let gratitude be the song that dances on your lips walk in the freedom of a thankful heart and know that in every step I am with you my hand guiding my love provider in my voice Whispering peace and now dear one as you absorb these words let them be the bomm to your weary soul and the melody that you carry into the world spread the fragrance of gratitude share the light of my word and live in the boundless Joy of a heart in communion with me my beloved Child come closer and hear my voice as soft as The Whisper Of The Wind yet as steadfast as the ground Beneath Your Feet let me wrap you in words of Eternal Assurance for I have much to share with you understand this that your life is not a series of chance happenings but a tapestry woven with Divine Purpose every thread represents a moment a decision a heartbeat of your existence I know each one for I am the Weaver your Joys your Sorrows your triumphs and your trials are known to me Rejoice not just because your name is etched in the celestial book of life but also because I have sculpted your days with loving intention you see in My Kingdom time bows to Eternity and so your life a fleeting wisp of vapor here is securely anchored in the forever that I hold you are Justified yes through faith in me as your Risen Savior but you are also glorified the glory is not just a future promise it is a present reality subtly infusing your being with a Radiance that the shadows of this world cannot diminish Joy oh sweet joy it is the melody that plays in the background of your soul a constant tune that can swell to a symphony even amid life's fiercest storms This Joy is not of your own making it is my gift to you a token of my unending love it is the peace that passes all understanding the unquenchable light in the darkness do you feel it it's there within you because you are mine come then at the dawn of each new day stand before me with hands unfurled and heart unguarded whisper to me Jesus I am here for your joy and I will pour into you just that joy unspeakable from the inexhaustible Wellsprings of my grace let my presence infold you let it seep into your very bones fortifying you against the onslaught of daily toils and worries remember as you step out into the world that I am never a distant deity I am as close as your next breath as intimate as your most private thoughts you need not shout to gain my attention a murmur even a sigh draws my gaze and my response come back to me as often as you need for a touch a word a smile there is no rationing in my economy of abundance my stores of Joy are boundless everb for your need never forget the profound mystery that you are seated with me in the Heavenly Realms though you walk the earth your spirit touches the outskirts of Heaven you are a citizen of an eternal Kingdom a realm where love Reigns Supreme where Justice flows like a mighty River and where the currency is Grace what does it mean to be seated with me it is a position of Honor a testament to your identity as my beloved it is a promise that your life is more than what you see more than the struggles you endure it is a foretaste of of the glory that is to come where every tear will be wiped away every Brokenness mended and every sorrow turned to dancing therefore walk boldly live courageously love fiercely show compassion as freely as you draw breath forgive as lavishly as the waves wash upon the shore share the hope that is an anchor for your soul be a beacon of the light that has illuminated your path you are my my Ambassador in a world that so desperately needs to see my face do you see how precious you are to me how can I help but love you when I have fashi

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