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HOW TO SPEAK SO THAT PEOPLE WANT TO LISTEN | Buddhist story on art of speaking |

foreign [Music] dreamed that he has become very old and all his teeth were broken only a big front tooth was left in his mouth King got very disturbed by such dream in morning King narrated his dream to his minister and wanted to know its meaning Minister advised that dream experts should be called and ask about meaning of their dream an announcement was made in the Kingdom to call upon dream experts in Kingdom and tell the meaning of Kingstree and anyone who can predict it correctly will be rewarded after someday a dream expert came to court and said my Lord I can tell you the exact meaning of your dream King narrated his dream and said tell me now what is meaning of this dream expert said good sad face my lord your dream is a sad one this dream was an indication that all of your relatives would die one by one before your eyes on hearing this King got very angry and ordered his soldiers to arrest dream experts immediately next day another man came to court and said my Lord tell me your dream I can tell you its meaning King narrated his dream after listening to it man thought for a while and said my Lord this is a good dream you don't need to worry about it that dream means that you will live a longer and more fulfilled life than all of your relatives listening to this king became very happy and he rewarded him with a lot of gold coins and other gifts foreign if we see in this story we will find that both person told same meaning of kingstream yet one person was imprisoned and other was rewarded it is only because first Dream expert did not use positive words to tell meaning of Kingstree where else the second dream expert used positive and right way to convey same message when we say something always be careful about choosing your words how we say it and what words we choose to pass that message makes a great difference to it speaking is an art how you say something has a great impact on others in today's era people who has this art of speaking are more successful than others art of speaking can also help you to improve your communication skill in other areas of life like your personal relationships social interactions and at your workplace if you use your word thoughtfully then you will not hurt anyone and you will also be able to take blessings of others and also you will not have to repent later therefore always use such words while speaking that you can put your point in front of others and no one's feelings should be hurt if you can learn this art of speaking then surely you will also learn The Art of Living foreign [Music] [Music]

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