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HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR FEAR AND BECOME FEARLESS | Buddhist monk and mouse story | Buddhist story |

foreign [Music] under a tree outside the village under that tree they leave the mouse in a hole the monks are that the rat was repeatedly trying to get out of his hole and then go inside when this happened several times the monks used the power of His Mantra and started talking to the mouse he asked the mouse who Mouse you are trying to get out of your hole but due to some fear you go back to the hole are you scared of me the mouse said no sir I am not scared of you but actually there are some cats which lives around this tree I am scared of those cats I am afraid if I came out of my hole cats will kill me and eat me that's why I am not coming out of my Borough I am hungry from last many days but due to fear of cat I cannot come out I wish I was also a cat had I been a cat I would roam freely and would not fear cat monks are that this rat is very covered he said to that you see friend one day everyone has to die for how long will you keep dying every day of such fear so get out of your Borough and find your food yes be a little careful but throughout the fear of the cat from your heart the red set sir those cats are very dangerous I can't stop hearing cat if you want to help me then please make me cat otherwise stop advising me saying these the red started crying the monk felt pity on him and said okay my friend if you are happy to be a cat then I will make you a cat saying this closed his eyes muttered some Mantra in his mouth and suddenly red turned into a cat as soon as the rat became cat he jumped up with joy and ran away to find its food few days passed one day again monk was hitting under same tree and meditating he heard a sound of cats cry when he opened his eyes he saw that the same cat was sitting beside him and crying for her crying the cat said who was one ever since I have become cat I am afraid of dogs one day some dogs attacked me and tried to kill me I barely saved my life then the cat said sir please make me dog so that I may live fearlessly the monk again fell pity on the cat and muttered some Mantra in his mouth and suddenly the cat turned into a dog as soon as the cat became dog he ran away in search of food few days passed like this one day the monk was sitting under the same tree and meditating just then that dog came running to him and started crying the monk opened his eyes and asked him what happened my friend why are you crying the dog said sir I am not happy after becoming dog one day I went into the jungle nearby The Village and suddenly a lion attacked me and tried to kill me I narrowly escaped from there now I am always afraid of lion please make me lion so that I May Roam freely in the jungle without any fear the monk was very compassionate he again felt pity on the dog and made him lion with his mantra as soon as he became lion he ran away from there and went in Jungle after few days one day again monk was sitting under the tree and meditating just then the lion came and started crying beside him the monk opened his eyes and asked him what happened my friend why are you crying the lion said who was one I am not happy after becoming lion one day I was roaming freely in the jungle just then some people started following me and tried to imprison me in the cage they also shoot fire on me now I am always afraid of humans I always fear that someday they will catch me and imprison me in the cage please make me human so that I may not have any fear and may live happily monk looked at him smiled and then he said my friend you became king of the jungle but still you lived in fear whatever you become you will still have fear because your fear is in your heart I can change your body with my power but I can't change your heart your heart will always be of a mouse you have to overcome this fear of yourself otherwise you will spend your whole life in a fear after listening to the monk the mouse understood that fear was inside him until it does not control his fear whatever he becomes he will continue to be afraid and be teammate then he decided to change himself to live without fear and he became a rat again if we see in our lives we will find that there are many of us who always live in some kind of year a student is afraid of exams and a job worker he is afraid of his boss some people are afraid of the future and some are afraid of death every person is carrying some kind of fear in his life those who achieve success in their life they also feel fear at some point of time but they don't let their fear dominate them they face Their Fear and that's why they become successful fear is such a disease that never lets us reach the height of success because due to fear we either change our decisions or we change ourselves therefore if you want to move ahead in your life then you have to conquer your fear [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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