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[Music] once upon a time there lived a zen master in a city in japan it happened that once he was invited as a guest by one of his devotees his devotee had also invited some of his friends and relatives to listen to zen master at his house everyone was listening attentively to the teachings of the sandmaster suddenly there was an earthquake the building that they were sitting in was a multi-story building and they were on the seventh floor so their lives were in danger due to the tremors of the earthquake all the people started running here and there to save their lives in fear everybody was running to escape from the building the host running by looked to see back what had happened to the zen master he saw that the zen master was sitting there with not even a ripple of anxiety on his face he was sitting with closed eyes as he had been sitting before the host called out loudly that there is earthquake runway from here but the zen master did not move from his place and kept sitting still anyways the host ran towards stairs to save his life after some time the tremors of the earthquake stopped the earthquake came and went everyone started coming back one by one and sat back at their places the zen master also opened his eyes and started his conversation he continued again from exactly where the talk was interrupted his behavior was as if nothing had happened everyone was surprised to see him the host was also very surprised to see his behavior and at the same time he was angry also even though the earthquake had gone but the fear was still there on everyone's face whereas the zen master was continuing his speech zen master was answering the question of the host when the earthquake came he asked the host is your doubt resolved now or any query is still pending the host shook his head and said sir i am not able to concentrate on what are you saying the earthquake has disturbed me too much but there is one question i would like to ask you please tell me that when the earthquake came everyone ran to save their lives everyone was trying to escape from the building i also ran way to save my life but why did not you run to save your life why were you sitting here i called you too but you did not hear me don't you love your life or you did not understand what was happening please answer my question zen master smiled and said my dear friend it is not that i did not know there was an earthquake i knew everything and also it is not that i did not run to save my life i also ran the only difference is that you ran toward outside but i ran toward inside you also tried to escape and i also tried to escape but the difference is that you escaped outward but i escaped inward your escape is useless because wherever you are going there is to an earthquake so it is meaningless it makes no sense you may reach the sixth story or the fifth or the fourth but there too is an earthquake i escape to a point within myself where no earthquake can never reach you ran where you felt safe and i ran where i felt safe then the zhan master smiled ann said my dear friend always remember that the man who is afraid of death death kills him again and again but he who is not afraid of death death cannot do any harm to him and to be fearless you have to be centered in your real self [Music] if we see in our lives we will find that we fear every little thing in our life fear has become a part of our life sometimes the fear of death and sometimes the fear of future sometimes the fear of unwanted incidents and sometimes the fear of losing something and when fear comes we start looking for security for ourselves but the mistake we make is that we start looking for security outside we forget that there is such a safe place within ourselves we are no sorrow no pain no fear can never reach but we have never tried to go there till today maybe we did not know about it till now and that's why we have never been able to be free from fear till now but after listening to this story whenever there is any sorrow any pain or any fear in your life then always remember that there is a place within yourself which is completely secure we are not only fear but even death cannot reach instead of looking for security outside turn inward and become fearless [Music] you

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