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How to Look into the Deeper Self | Eckhart Tolle Explains

it's an amazing realization that the who you essentially are is you you're invisible the moment you move to thoughts what nobody knows scientists don't really know what what a thought is what is a thought where does it live in you where does it live in you that's an interesting thing the does it have a m now mainstream science is still still largely totally materialistic which means it says that matter is all that exists and everything is matter and it says that Consciousness is a byproduct or they say EP phenomenon other words a byproduct of the human brain in some way this is a long one could talk about this for a long time I I'm don't want to go this way and entertain you in that direction it is more important experiential to have I want this to be an experiential Gathering rather than intellectual Gathering but ask yourself the question what is a thought where does it live all your memories I suggest for example the memory of please go ahead the memory of your deceased grandmother for example or the memory of you when you were a child when you were a child you lived in a particular particular place maybe you had your own room and you can suddenly recollect uh many details for the room that that you had when you were a child even how the door knob felt when you opened the door the carpet the furniture and you can remember your grand grandmother or the your first teacher when you first started school the teacher you had then and you can remember okay now you you hadn't perhaps thought of your that first grade teacher in several years but now that I mention it suddenly the he or she pops up where and in what form did this first teacher of yours or your grandmother or the memory of the room that you lived in when you were 6 years old and of course there are hundreds of thousands of memories like that but where did this live in you in what form was it and must if it's molecules and atoms in your brain that some of certain atom represent your grandmother and other things represent other molecules represent other things the weird thing is if a surgeon opens up your brain he will not find any of your memories he will not find you that's a strange thing he cannot be find things but not you you cannot find because you you can you do not exist on a physical level ultimately only as a physical body but the the depth of you as who you are even who you are as a person which is still limited even that just the the human you don't exist as in the Physical Realm really I don't know where you exist perhaps in the cloud the cloud that you and then you download the memory from the cloud so every every thought is invisible but if can of course it uses the brain in order to express itself emotion too the emotion itself is not visible but it can manifest of course with physical symptoms in the body but in itself it's an energy field a non-physical energy field so the entire structure of the psychic structure of you is essentially invisible this is why in the the famous little book The Little Prince I think it was famous classic uh it says uh what is essential is invisible to the eye this eye which means it it means all the other senses too what is essential is not visible to the senses so you are essentially invisible you are not Tim and I the way I see it it thought is already does not even EX exist in this Dimension that's all you are multi-dimensional you exist as a thought made entity but it's not no longer it's It's associated with the Physical Realm but it is not confined to the Physical Realm your thoughts are invisible your whole sense of who you are is invisible nobody could find it by by looking for you in the Physical Realm you're not there and that's it's an amazing realization that the who you essentially are is you you're invisible all the all the thoughts that go through your head they are not visible to the senses interesting so uh and that's only the surface part of you even there let's go back to the analogy of the ocean you have the ocean on the surface of the ocean there are waves and ripples now let's in this analogy let's say every little Ripple or wave uh believes itself to be an independent entity disconnected from other riels it only knows itself as a ripple because it doesn't know its own depth and every wave Only Knows itself as a wave wave could be perhaps VIPs if you own a private Deb you're wave and if you don't you're Ripple so but the wave and the Ripple are all shortlived they their Destiny is the same the body one day the body is here the you're somebody The Next Day You're Nobody whether you're wave or Ripple doesn't matter so now this this r Ripple of course feels uneasy on the surface of the ocean because its sense of identity is very limited and it feels sometimes threatened by other ripples or it wants to use other ripples to associate with in order to become a bigger Ripple and sometimes temporarily that works but not for very long and then you're looking for yourself on the horizontal realm where can I be a a more complete Ripple can you help me be a more complete Ripple or I need you if we you come together we can be a big Ripple and it's never nothing really works in one moment the Ripper goes to a talk in the and it hears this weird analogy and then says but who are you beyond the body of the you as the person the the invisible you can you become aware of the invisible you which is the first of all it's the person that consists of thoughts and emotions but that's already a little bit beyond beyond the surface of the ocean you go a little bit into the ocean and there you exist as a person and there's all your emotions and your thoughts and your identity as a human there you are in already you've gone to you become aware of that and that's that's still very limited and then but and that is sustained by the incessant thinking machine the conditioned mind is this it sustains the person person personal selfhood self identity that's amazing and so the key is to realizing go deeper and sense your connectedness with the ocean ocean in this analogy means Consciousness Universal Consciousness that pervades the entire universe the intelligence that underlies all phenomenal existence the intelligence behind it all the organizing principle behind the arising of forms all forms a vast intelligence that exists do not exist as such but it gives rise to existence the vast intelligence is it is being it is not it doesn't exist because everything that exists exists in this dimension

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