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HOW TO CURE RESTLESS MIND | Buddhist story on disturbed mind |

foreign [Music] were strolling on the beach by ocean it was a cold day the wind was blowing strongly over the ocean and high waves were Rising after walking for some time Master stopped looked at his disciple and asked what does this ocean reminds you of the disciple answered Master it reminds me of my mind and its Restless thoughts Master said yes mind is just like a water it is still but blow of the wind creates waves in it has the blow of the wind creates waves in it similarly thoughts of the Mind create state in it and then reduce waves of desire and fear in it then Master asked okay tell me now would you like to be on a boat in middle of such a stormy ocean the disciple replied no sir I won't be Master said you are right but in real you are there all the time within the storm and most of the people are on the other less boat in middle of a storm ocean even if they do not realize it mind of most people is very restless all kinds of thoughts keep coming to their mind incessantly and thus agitating their mind just like ocean waves disciple kept listening to the master after a pause of few seconds Master again Ask the disciple can you calm the Water by holding it and not moving it the disciple shook his head and expressed his inability Master looked at his disciple smiled and said my dear to calm the ocean it is necessary to stop the wind your thoughts desires and fears are like wind and you need to calm them down you'll learn to control them by controlling your attention focus and actions and then portion of your mind would be calm then Master said suppose it is possible for ocean to disregard the wind what would happen then disciple replied Master if it happens then babes would seize Master said you see my son in real you can't control wind in nature but you can calm down the wind in your mind which makes ocean of your mind Restless disciple asked Master if I can succeed in calming the wind of my mind would I be able to bring more peace and calmness into the world around me Master replied son learn to focus on your mind develop willpower and self-discipline and learn to meditate when you can control your mind and make it peaceful you will have more control over your life however don't focus on changing the outside world focus on changing and calming your inner world after you are able to control your inner world you would be able to control the world around you if we see in our lives we will find that in fact nature of our mind is not Restless but just like wind creates waves in the ocean similarly our thoughts create restlessness in our mind and then that restlessness of the mind creates waves of many types of desires fear greed and jealousy in our mind which makes our mind even more Restless and the root of all these are thoughts of the mind which creates all kind of desires and emotions in our mind just as it is very difficult to control the wind similarly it is very difficult to control the thoughts of our mind expert says that a human mind thinks of more than 60 000 thoughts in a day these thoughts are further divided into three categories positive thoughts negative thoughts and these thoughts most of the people must have heard about positive and negative thoughts but only a few might have heard about these thoughts but surprisingly most of the thoughts that come to our mind always thoughts and most of the waste thoughts are converted into negative thoughts after some time for example suppose you are reading a news about increasing unemployment in the society after a while you started associating that news with yourself and started thinking what if I got unemployed how will I manage my household expenses I will I pay my emails if this happens I will be homeless and will come on the road and then I will start begging now one thought led to the another and another thought led to another and so on and thinking like this your mind became Restless your blood pressure increased and you felt the need to go to the doctor now where did it start you just had a news and a waste thought arose in your mind in which you Associated yourself with that news and after some time that was thought turned into an ugly thought and your mind became Restless now the only way to write these types of useless thoughts is you become aware of your thoughts just try to be witness to your mind all the time if you became aware then you can easily ignore these useless thoughts arising in your mind before it can disturb your mind and to become aware you need to practice meditation in my previous video I have explained about six ways to stop thoughts and live in the present moment if you have not seen that video then you can find its Link in the I button in the end I would like to say only that just learn to control the thoughts of your mind because life becomes much easier when you keep your mind at peace [Music] [Music]

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