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HOW TO CONTROL YOUR MIND | MONK AND GHOST STORY | Buddhist story | Meditation story |

[Music] once a ghost catcher caught a ghost and went to city to sell it there he met a rich man the rich man asked him what are you selling ghost catcher replied it is a ghost this ghost has immense power and no matter how difficult the task is he can complete it within minutes rich man was a big businessman his business was spread in many countries he was tempted to hear the praise of ghost and asked what is price of this cost ghost catcher replied only 500 coins hearing this the rich man was surprised he said what just 500 coins he does all the work so quickly and still his value so less why ghost catcher replied sir this ghost has innumerable qualities but there is one big flaw if he does not get any work to do then he runs to it down here rich man thought that i have hundreds of business and work to done this ghost will get tired but work will not end thinking this he bowed the ghost as soon as rich man bought the ghost ghost started saying work work give me work rich man was also ready he immediately told him many tasks at once but ghost was much faster than his thinking ghost completed all the work within minutes as richmond said it rich man was happy but after few days he started to get nervous as almost all of his work already was done by the ghost and he did not understand what work he should tell him now and if he does not give any work to the ghost he will kill him and eat him he started worrying day and night and slowly and slowly his health also started deteriorating by chance one day a monk came to rich man's town one of the rich man's friend suggested him to go to the monk and ask for solution for his problem the rich man went to the monk and told him the whole story of ghost after listening to rich man the monk laughed and said don't worry at all its solution is very easy do one thing ask that ghost to bring a long bamboo with a lot of knots and bury it in your courtyard just tell him work you want to get done and when there is no work then ask him to climb up and come down that bamboo again and again and keep counting the notes this way your work will be done and he will not come after you when you have no work the rich man did this and his problem was solved now whenever he had any work he would ask the ghost to do the work and when there was no work he would ask him to keep climbing up and getting down the bamboo [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that this ghost is none other than our mind as long as our mind is engrossed in some work it is fine but if you want to keep it free even for a moment then it runs to eat you whenever your mind is free different type of thoughts starts coming in it and most of these thoughts are negative and bad then this might start to distract you that's why never keep your mind idle as long as you have some work keep it busy in it breathe is bamboo and when you have no work always watch your breathe come and go with this your mind will not remain idle and bad thoughts will not arise in it if you keep practicing it then slowly and slowly you will also start swinging in the swing of all kinds of happiness and peace [Music] you

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