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God’s Plan Will Always Work Out For Your Good | Motivational and Inspirational

foreign I found that life is full of surprises in fact my walk with God has been full of surprises I made plans I wrote down my goals and dreams I expected everything to go right I expected things to go my way but the thing is we can make plans we can write down our goals and our targets however here's what the Bible says Proverbs Chapter 19 Verse 21. many are the plans in the mind of a man but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand you see God's purpose for your life is what will prevail God's plan for your life is what will prevail now it's not easy for us to accept that at times because God's plan requires us to trust him it requires us to walk blindly so to speak in this natural world but walk with 20 20 Vision with the eyes of faith Jonah ran away from God's plan and he ended up in the belly of a fish Noah followed God's plan and he was saved Lot's wife deviated from God's plan and she was turned into a pillar of salt Joseph trusted in God and in his plans and he became the ruler of Egypt Samson decided not to follow God's instruction and he lost his Supernatural strength Joshua stuck to God's plan in the walls of Jericho came tumbling down do you see where I'm going with this God's plan will always work out for good but when you deviate from his plan when you reject his plan then you leave yourself open you leave yourself open to the attacks of the enemy you leave yourself open to the Judgment of God trusting in God's plan isn't easy to do but it's necessary it's essential for all of us as believers the Bible says in Proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding and on this topic of trust when you think about it we've been conditioned to trust our natural senses we've been conditioned to trust in science we're taught to trust things that have come from credible sources that can be verified and fact checked but trusting in God requires us to go against everything we've been conditioned to do trusting in the lord requires you to ignore what you can see or understand trusting in Him means that at times you take the doctor's advice but accept it he doesn't have the final say I would even go as far as saying trusting in God means ignoring what the news anchor is saying or what the economy is doing that's trusting in the Lord with all your heart mind and soul so here's what I encourage you to do don't put your trust in your abilities don't place your trust in money don't lean upon your own strengths but rather trust in Jesus have you ever thought about why it's so important to wait on God why can't we take matters into our own hands by faith why can't we make things happen and declare the name of Jesus throughout the process as a young Christian these were some of the questions I battled with I honestly felt as though sometimes God took too long to answer my prayers I could have achieved this I could have been able to buy that by now I would have gone there but God kept me waiting this was my thought process and reasoning as a Christian but here's the thing here's what I've learned the reason we wait on God the reason we are made to wait on him is because waiting symbolizes a lack of control it symbolizes humility and obedience or rather for some of us waiting is the very thing that will teach us humility and obedience you don't go into the doctor's office and demand to see him or her right then and there what do you do you wait you wait because you have no Authority or control there if you're caught in a traffic jam you don't begin to toot your horn telling everyone to move no you wait you have no control if you go to a movie theater to watch the latest film more often than not there will be a cue and you inevitably end up waiting in all these scenarios you realize that you are not in control you realize that you have to humble yourself to wait until it's your turn or it's your time and I believe this to be the same case with us as Christians God makes us wait because he is in control and his control it extends beyond that of a human he knows that if you're given an answer too soon with the way you are impatient with the entitlement mentality that you have or the need for control that you have he knows that an answer to your prayers will not do you much good but rather making you wait and purging you of all these destructive traits it will make you a better man or woman a better servant to the body of Christ it will make you a better believer you see waiting on God isn't just about waiting to receive that what you've prayed for no at times waiting on God is all about teaching you a lesson other times it's about developing patience within you or childlike Faith within you at times God makes you wait until your own will bends and you become obedient enough to say not my will Lord but your will be done friend there are many many reasons why God makes us wait however there are also many many benefits to Faithfully waiting on God Psalm 27 verses 13 to 14 say I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living wait for the Lord be strong and Let Your Heart Take courage wait for the Lord the thing I love about the Lord is that his ways are not like our ways what God does how God works is beyond our understanding or comprehension the way that God chooses to answer your prayers may not always be what you expect sometimes your prayers are indeed answered by loss sometimes God answers your prayers by taking something away from you and that can hurt but after that initial sting you may start to realize that this painful experience was a blessing in disguise maybe people begin to walk out of your life maybe you start losing friends that you care about but later on you realize that they were hurting you more than they were helping and so God was actually answering your prayer for a joyful and drama-free life maybe you lose a relationship but as a result you also lose the anxiety that came with it you begin to feel Freer and happier just like you once prayed for maybe you lose an opportunity that you were really excited about but later you find out that God was setting you up for something even greater in all these situations you might not see the positive consequences at first but one day when you look back you will suddenly be able to connect the dots you will start to see how God was actually being gracious by removing that person that relationship or that opportunity from your life foreign [Music] [Music]

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