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Get Out Of Your BMW! – Alexander Muller Interviews Sadhguru

you're looking really cool because the weather is also pretty cool out here so what is your work about i have no separation as to what's my life what's my work profoundness of experience and impactfulness of your activity this is all there is that's why inner engineering and that's my life so when did you suffer the last time but i've never really had any personal suffering [Applause] nice to meet you how are you doing i'm doing great i'm here outdoors i'm sorry i'm the way i'm dressed because uh very sunny out here yeah you're looking really cool to be honest because the weather is also pretty cool out here [Laughter] yeah you're at the grand canyon right yes just outside the national park at the grand canyon to be honest it's not so often for for me to talk to a guru and when i'm thinking about a guru i'm thinking somebody being in india being in the temple and now there's a guru in front of me sitting in at the grand canyon in california doing a motorbike tour and wearing really fancy sunglasses what is what kind of guru are you no just the shape of the sun nothing fancy about it the sun is round so i thought best to wear something round to protect myself very sunny out here so your entire life you have an amazing impact on people today many people following are your ideas about leadership about self-development about coaching so what is your work about what's my work about [Music] i think it's better you reframe that question is what is your life about because i have no separation as to what's my life what's my work what is my this and that i just have life so so have you and so have everybody you don't have anything other than your life the only thing that you have is life rest is all imagination right now because a few things are collapsing because of the pandemic people are thinking their life is going away unfortunately a few you know a million people have lost their life that's a different matter people have lost their dear ones that's a different matter rest is all our making the only thing we have is life so how to make this life happen at its peak every moment everybody has known some peaks people have known peaks of happiness joy competence uh you know ecstasy compassion love everybody has experienced this at some point but the problem is sustainability they are not able to sustain it they hold those moments as cherished moments as if the rest of the time they are not capable of it this has happened simply see suppose suppose because you're german i'm saying this suppose you guys you're making good cars let me acknowledge you i'm also a driving one i'm even my motorcycle is german right now so you're making good machines suppose you're you make a motorcycle or a car which starts once only once a month it starts rest of the time you can't start it you will junk it or no so right now people are like this once in a way they're in their peak rest of the time they're down simply because they have not engineered them properly themselves properly so my work and my life is about helping people to engineer themselves so that they are at the peak of their experience because when it comes to life there are only two things what you call as my life profoundness of experience and impactfulness of your activity this is all there is without profoundness of experience impactfulness of activity is hugely crippled without a strong experience within you you cannot impact the world in a big way so activity is about impact life is about profoundness of experience people may think no that's not what i want i want money i want family i want love i want children i want wife i want husband well all this you want only because you believe it will bring some profoundness of experience so that's what i'm saying how you do it is up to you but profoundness of experience and impact in the activity that maximum impact that we can create with activity is all there is in life for this you need to be a well-engineered machine and that's my work that's why inner engineering and that's my life in engineering how do i get profoundness experience to have that inner inner strength in me see right now your whole experience of life is limited to five sense organs what you see what you hear what you smell what you taste what you touch from this you have gathered data from that data you're thinking things up right now from where you come in europe too much significance has been given to human thought in the yogic culture we don't give any significance to your thought but we are very very interested in the quality of your attention because human attention is the most important thing it is human attention which opens up doors most significant discoveries and realizations in the world happened when people had a very keen sense of attention say for example all these things happen in europe so i'm taking european examples and apple fell apples were always falling and apple fell somebody was attentive not thinking just attentive and loss of gravity well a man tired of his work went and got into your bathtub water overflowed you have loss of floatation a coffee kettle boiled over there you have the steam locomotive or steam engine like this most significant scientific discoveries also happened when human beings had the attention not thought process because thought is just recycling of your existing data nothing new will come out of it thought is a way of exploring the permutations of permutations and combinations of what you already know you cannot know something new with your thought process but attention can open up any door if your attention is keen enough intense enough and can be sustained there is no door in the universe that cannot be opened for you so yeah how do i get that state i mean albert einstein already said you don't solve a problem where you created it so how can i change that well uh we sent you in an engineering online program i heard you did only one or two sessions no already three already three out of seven yeah and i really enjoyed it i just started this week see uh today people are carrying attention deficiency as a badge on their sleeve they say my attention is only two minutes one minute well if you have no attention you will not know life because involvement can happen only with attention where there is no involvement there is no life anything for that matter the food that you eat the people who are around you the work that you do or anything in the universe where there is no involvement there is no experience of life involvement will not come without attention attention is needed with thought you always go away from what is there you are in this place you are thinking something else when you go to that place you will be thinking about this place this is the nature of the thought because thought is just recycling of the memory that you already have so how do i get on another level not to thought to experience to feel to create my life there are four more sessions [Laughter] to ass

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