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FOR THOSE WHO THINK A LOT | How to stop overthinking | Buddhist story on overthinking | Zen story |

[Music] once upon a time there lived a young man in a village he was struggled by the habit of not being able to forget all bad memories he would always keep thinking about the same thing over and over again if someone said something to him or something went wrong with him he would just keep thinking about the incident all the day the same thing kept swirling in his mind all the time then he would either curse his luck and god for some bad incident that happened in his life he would keep thinking of taking revenge on the person who had said something wrong to him or did something wrong with him because of his overthinking habit he did not have good relations with people also he did not know how to do any work well he was always in a state of stress or mental disturbance seeing his condition a friend of him advised him that his zen master lived in a nearby buddhist monastery so you go to him he will definitely give some solution to his mental problem the young man went to the zen master and explained his problem to him he told him about how he kept thinking about the same event over and over again and cannot forget the old bad memories after listening to the young man's problem without giving any answer the zen master got up and went inside the monastery leaving him like this the young man felt a bit strange but he waited there for him to return after a while the zen master came back with a glass of water in his hand the zen master came and stood near the young man the young man also stood in front of him the zen master was holding a glass of water in his hand he straightened his arm and asked the young man tell me how much this class wait the young man said i cannot tell exactly but the weight of this class is very little the zen master said all right now my question is that what will happen if i hold this glass like this for one minute the man said nothing will happen the zen master said all right now what if i hold this glass for an hour the young man said master your hand and arm will start to ache then master again said okay now what would happen if i hold this glass of water for a full day the young man said master your arm could go numb you might have swear muscle stress and paralyzes and you might have to go to hospital zen master said great but did the weight of the glass change in the meantime the man said no master the weight did not change then why was there pain in the arm an ache in the muscle the boy kept quiet what should i do now to get rid of this pain the zen master asked again the man said master it is simple just put the glass down the zen master said exactly that's what i wanted to hear then he put down the glass and said you see my son life struggles are just like this people pays too much attention to the life's problems if you keep it in your mind for a while and then leave it you will feel that everything is fine if you think about it for more than a while then you will start to suffer and if you keep thinking about it all the day then it will start to torture you and then you will be full of anxiety stress and depression and you won't be able to concentrate on anything else if we see in our lives then we will find that we all go through struggles in our lives but it does not mean that we keep thinking about it all the time rather it is important to learn from your past mistakes and move forward in your life if you keep on holding do the same thing just like that glass of water it will only cause pain in your life therefore it is important to remember to let go of your stresses and worries no matter what happens during the day as early in the evening as you can put all your burdens down don't carry them through the night and into the next day with you if you still feel the weight of yesterday's stress then it is a strong sign that it is time to put the glass down [Music] [Music] you

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