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Everything Will Fall Into Place When You Stand Strong In The Lord | Inspirational & Motivational

stand strong in the Lord the one thing that is certain about life is that it's very unpredictable you never know what this life will throw your way you never know what tomorrow holds for you I've spoken to people who've told me that their life changed in an instant because of one bad decision I've spoken to people who've cried as they told me that their life will never be the same through no fault of their own I don't know if you've ever experienced the reality of life where one moment you're enjoying peace and safety and then in the next moment all hell breaks loose so what do you do where do you run to when life puts you through the fire well let me remind you that the Bible says the Lord is good a stronghold in the day of trouble and he knows those who trust in him a day of trouble will come to all of us but the Bible has told us that there is Refuge there's a place to hide when the day of trouble comes and that place is in God and when I say in God I'm talking about in fellowship with God look at everyone who's ever been delivered from trouble in the Bible they were delivered because they had a relationship with the Lord and when the day of trouble came they had somewhere to run to they had someone to call on Daniel already had a relationship with God before he was thrown in the Lion's Den David had long established a relationship with the Lord before he stepped on the battlefield with Goliath the same can be said about Moses before he faced pharaoh when all these people came face to face with their day of trouble they stood strong in the Lord they were in a relationship with God already they were in fellowship with God already and that's the secret trouble will find us all one day but there's a difference when trouble finds you in God so you may have been fighting the battles of Life season after season and I'm not just talking about Warfare in a single area of your life no I'm talking about multiple areas where trouble has visited you areas like your family life your physical health or your mental and emotional health too all of these different areas may have been under attack at one point or another but let me tell you that you can withstand the storm you can Outlast trouble you can endure the fire if if you stand in Jesus Christ the joy of the Lord will be your strength aren't you grateful for the fact that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forevermore because when life happens you can stand strong in a God who has withstood the test of time so do not allow life's challenges to shake your faith stand strong in the Lord so that he can fight your battles he has promised that the flood will not overwhelm us and when we go through the fire we will not be burnt so we can trust him we can rely on him we can stand strong in the Lord and I understand that it's not easy to stand all of the time it's easier to ask questions like God why me but today I recommend that you shut out the world you shut out the voices of negativity and steady your feet and stand strong in the Lord because it is he who goes before you he will not fail you nor forsake you [Music] and that makes him Dependable even in the middle of chaos remember this he who started a good work in us will see it through to the end reach out to him by faith be constant in prayer and watch him move in seemingly impossible ways stand strong in the Lord for he has promised that there is no temptation that can overtake you for which he has not already provided a way of Escape this means you have guaranteed Victory when you stand strong in the Lord being able to stand strong in the Lord takes practice over time it takes a relationship with Christ it takes daily communion with him you have to count your blessings and exude a grateful Spirit renew your faith in him and live for him each day forgive others as you want to be forgiven pray to him and testify of his goodness in this way you will fortify your spirit so that when the enemy surrounds you like a flood you will be able to stand strong in the Lord I can assure you when you have an established relationship with Jesus you will find that it becomes much easier to stand strong in him standing strong in him will become your reflex mode but only if you know and trust him so what are you waiting on start a relationship with him today so that when Trouble Comes you will be able to stand strong in the Lord every Christian understands that the Christian Life comes with its own set of challenges and hardships and it's by no means an easy life real Christianity is all about carrying your cross daily it's about fighting fighting against sin fighting against the devil fighting against the world Fighting Temptations Christianity is a fight now the Bible makes it clear in James 1. verses two through four when it says my brethren count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience but let patients have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing notice that the Bible says when you fall into various trials and not if because trials are an inevitable part of the Christian walk and trials can do one of two things to you they can ignite a fire and a desire in you to cling to God or they'll fill you with doubt and unbelief and even a strong Christian can easily find themselves backsliding and hear me it's a dangerous place to find oneself backsliding and what does it really mean to be backslidden well traditionally the word referred to someone that had become an apostate that is someone who had left the Christian faith altogether today however it's rarely used in its proper manner and it's often used to describe someone who has given themselves to some worldly Temptation and sin it's a person who's given up they've stopped fighting the good fight of faith they've stopped fighting against sin and this is a really dangerous place to be and as a believer the reality is that we're ever going in one of two directions as a Christian either we're growing in holiness or we're slipping into sinfulness you see there's no such thing as coasting when you're a Christian you're either fighting to grow in Christ or you've given up the fight and you're backsliding you can't be on the fence as a Christian you can't serve two masters as a Christian because the word says either you'll hate the one and love the other or you'll be devoted to the one and despise the other Matthew 24 13 says but the one who endures and bears up under suffering to the end will be saved all of those who are truly saved will persevere until the end of their life this is both a great comfort to the True Believer that they'll be saved if they keep fighting right until the end and it's also a great warning for the one who is backsliding the one who's not persevering because what will that person's fate be if they give up the fight so you see this is why it's so important and I really can't stress this enough it's so important to examine y

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