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[Music] my dear child I want you to know that everything will be fine please trust in me I see the worries that weigh on your heart and I want you to release them into my hands your trust in me is your strength you've given me your hand so let me guide you gently to Lush Green Pastures I desire to fulfill your Soul's deepest longings with Divine affection and tender care do not fear the challenges that may come your way you will stand firm and I will never let you go I understand that you have felt weak at times and that's why I'm speaking directly to your heart my beloved child I am here with you instead of getting lost in confusion and despair take a moment to rest with me do not worry about the uncertain future or the world's troubles focus on what truly matters your family your spiritual life and nurturing your soul with my word pray do good and show Mercy to those who may have wronged you even if they continue to mistreat you despite your kindness turn the other cheek if they harm you again show them that your love runs deep just as I gave my life for my children you are also willing to fight for your family to know me to receive bless blessings and to experience Freedom as the world goes through turmoil and rumors of wars never stop praying write the names of your loved ones in your book of prayers and share with me your hopes and desires for them I already know their lives and thoughts but I want you to activate your faith to learn how to pray for what truly matters While others may be shaken by the signs they see you and your family should not fear for I will never leave you or forsake you be prepared While others are consumed by fear you will witness great Miracles trust in my word nothing is impossible for me I love you deeply and I am pleased to hear your love for me trust me and give me your hand during this time of Affliction do not let threats and problems steal your peace and confidence I have compassion for you when I see you suffering your sincere heart moves me as I've told you before I will bless you because I desire to so tell me that you will receive my blessing and hold it dear with great love remember even in your moments of sadness I hold you in the palm of my hand covering you with my holy mantle I love you with all my heart you are my child I will bless you because I want to and because I will fulfill my promises I have always been with you never abandoning you even in this tempestuous time I will not leave you my plans are superior to yours my thoughts are Everlasting they will lead you to a destination of peace and secure Prosperity life may bring challenges but if you face them with Faith and Hope your life will transform seek me in the morning throughout the day and before you sleep bow your knees before me because I cherish your sincere gaze you may not see it now but the heavens rejoice when your lips open in Praise And when you pray with faith asking for protection from diseases and pandemics for your family when you pray confidently that they will never be abandoned listen to my response I tell you once again even if the whole world were to forsake you I will never abandon you even if those who claim to love you fail you I love you more than they do I do not lie I will never fail you your family your future and your health are in my hands appreciate value treasure and do not risk your blessings if you are faithful in small things if you care for what I give you in times of need my word promises that your blessings will multiply and I will bestow upon you even more precious and eternal gifts you love me and you are blessed and will be greatly blessed your unwavering faith has set you on the right path you are on the right track and that's how I want to see you keep your focus on my Commandments and let my word always fill your being being your journey has been challenging and you've redirected your course with all your strength allowing a divine wind to fill your sails because of your change of attitude and your desire for transformation I'm here to bless you supernaturally these words you hear are a source of life it is my way of showing you my love and holding your hand so that you may Triumph in all your battles I am blessing you with wisdom increasing your understanding changing your character and granting you great patience I am transforming every aspect of your life my spirit envelops you from head to toe you will no longer walk towards error nor will you desire to sin you will not be vulnerable to The Temptations that once ins snared you I am giving you the strength to break free from the habits that bound your thoughts from now on you will focus on goodness Beauty Purity and Justice you will no longer yield to the temptation of seeing hearing speaking reading or sharing slander and lies that pollute your mind and weaken your heart you will be amazed at how much you've changed and how blessed you are now people around you will respect you forget your past mistakes and forgive you for the wrongs you've committed I am pouring abundant grace into your soul and from today onward new doors will open bringing provision and prosperity to your family I am Paving A New Path for you free from the fears and tensions that your past mistakes caused you will lead a peaceful life immersed in Tranquility without fear or nightmares my blood has set you free no one can harm har you with lies sorcery or the messages of Darkness you are pure in spirit Soul lips mind and heart this is the reward I bestow upon those who do not hesitate to share my word who repent of their wrongs accept my forgiveness choose to listen to me and come to my presence on their knees each day to receive my blessing I love you you will live on and you will continue to fight you and your family are in my hands and I have the final say your mission is to carry on despite everything you've been through hold your head high preserving your dignity Do Not Bow before those enemies who seek to humiliate you acknowledge me as the only Sovereign God your king Lord and Heavenly Father a sea of challenges lies before you threatening to engulf you but you will believe in my power hour and walk steadfastly on those unstable waves of conflict you will not sink or drown my hand will always be ready to rescue you even when doubt assails you hold on to my hand with strength you can count on me I am here by your side always have the confidence to approach me knowing that I will not reject you I will deliver you from your troubles and help you advance toward victory even if you have to walk against the turbulent winds I love you and I'm filling you with courage and determination you will fear nothing you have my grace and favor your Triumph is part of my plans March like a Victorious Warrior you are not weak you are strong you are not alone I Am with You raising you up as an example before your family and friends so that they may see that it is possible to overcome problems needs illnesses and

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