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EP 05 – Utah’s Miracle Rocks – Part 1 | Ride with Sadhguru Vlog

Sadhguru: One thing that stands out about the Native American culture is their love for land. Only if land is good, we are good; only if this soil is good, we are good. A few places that we passed through, have been of great intrigue and significance as to what their capabilities were in terms of doing things beyond the body. There was an ocean here, an inland ocean which dried up. Which direction are we going? We're going up this mountain, and then turning back? Speaker 1: We'll start cutting back. Sadhguru: Okay. Well, here we are in Montana. We are climbing what is called as the Beartooth Pass. The squirrels are climbing up my legs, thinking I am a tree trunk. Maybe I have been here for too long. Sadhguru: Finished. Speaker 2: Really, are you finished? Oh, I think we are maybe at least three days behind schedule, because one day I had to go to Los Angeles for a meeting with Jack _____(Unclear) who has done phenomenal work as an environmental scientist. He has open-heartedly wanting to be a part of Cauvery Calling and the Conscious Planet movement, and willing to support us in every possible way, which is tremendous support. We are entering Yellowstone National Park, the very famous Yellowstone National Park. We've just entered, and both sides evergreen trees and fabulous mountains. Who can match a sculptor like this? A million year project, look at the result, too fantastic! Sadhguru: Wow! Here we are at the Yellow Stone National Park. 3,400 square miles of land, pristine, largely kept this way except for the roads. Over 1,000 rivers and streams originate here, many of them joining up with Missouri as tributaries. Snake River, which flows west, is going straight up to Pacific; going all over the place like a snake, twisting and turning through the terrain. Yellow Stone National Park, a must-see for anybody who loves nature. Speaker: It's one thing about living here, is our kids spend a lot of time in nature. Sadhguru: Yeah, that's great. Nothing like that, I'm telling you. Speaker: It's the best education. Sadhguru: Long term, that works better than anything. Speaker: Anything. Exactly. Sadhguru: My girl also spent so much time with me in the mountains, in the forests. Speaker: Wonderful. Sadhguru: And she is like, you know, she's at home just anywhere now. She's grown up, and she's doing well. Speaker: Okay. Sadhguru: But, you know, there is a certain poise and grace to her. She's at ease anywhere, she doesn't need much. Speaker: That's the greatest gift, right? Sadhguru: If you ask her, "You want anything?" she says, "No, I got everything," she says. (Laughs) Speaker: It's beautiful. That's wonderful. So, I think that is mainly because of her exposure to nature, and being with lots of people, all sorts of people. When she was growing up, she stayed in the best homes in the world, and she stayed in tribal homes, in villages, in huts, you know? Speaker: Your words of… I think about exposure and experience… Sadhguru: Yeah. Speaker: It's _____(Unclear) Sadhguru: Already fall colors are out here in Wyoming, the trees are bright yellow. Sadhguru: Namaskaram. Radhe: Namaskaram. Sadhguru: How are you, baby? Radhe: I'm good, how are you? Sadhguru: Good. It's been a long ride today. More than 12 hours on the motorcycle today, so… So everyday we're thinking of, you know, closing the rides before sunset, but it's becoming pretty late and quite… It's nice I'm riding so much, but grueling for everybody. Radhe: Mhmm… Sadhguru: What else, what's happening there? All good? Radhe: Here… all good. Sadhguru: Raining, huh? Did you see Kala and Gogi? Radhe: Yeah, they're losing some weight. They're not as fat as they used to be. (Laughs) Sadhguru: How are they doing? Radhe: They're doing well, they're doing okay. Lots of snakes, actually. Lots of birds, these birds and squirrels keep trying to come into the room. Sadhguru: Today morning we were climbing up the mountain, we stopped in one place. Tiny little squirrels, you know, squirrels which are like about… a third of the size of Indian squirrels, like that, tiny ones. They are so friendly, they just coming and taking nuts from my hands. And they're like, all over the place. Like, they're going to everybody without any hesitation, little ones. Radhe: But it's nice. Sadhguru: Yeah… Okay baby, you take care. It's pretty late here. Hmm? Radhe: Okay, yeah, I'll speak to you tomorrow. Sadhguru: So do… do the navratri, navratri… All the best for navratri, do well, hmm? Sadhguru: Okay baby, take care. Radhe: Okay, namaskaram. Sadhguru: Namaskaram, bye. Sadhguru: All ready, ah? Today we have to ride to Salt Lake City, which is about five and a half hour ride, I think. So we would like to get there before sundown, or little after sundown. And tomorrow morning is darshan, all right? So everybody be there for the darshan. Ride with me. Here we are at Bear Lake, Utah. A little over 06:30. Sun is yet to come up, no sign of him! (Laughs) Temperatures are somewhere around six to seven degrees Centigrade. Fire is all around me. Uh… one thing that stands out about the Native American culture is their love for land. It is even inappropriate to say love for land because it is not that they love the land, they are the land. (Chuckles) Even you and me are land, but most people don't get till you bury them, that we are land. But this dimension of their spirituality is very relevant for today and tomorrow, for this generation and the next, that people live understanding, knowing, being conscious, that we are just land. Only if land is good, we are good. Only if this soil is good, we are good. So I'm saying this because I'm getting lot of questions, people asking, "Sadhguru, how do you find Native American mysticism different from the Indian mysticism?" Well, culturally we may be different, but when it comes to mysticism, there is no such thing as Indian mysticism, African mysticism, American mysticism, there is no such thing. Because mysticism is just exploration of the reality of existence, which is right now beyond physicality, because of which your senses are not able to perceive. So mysticism is not looking at exploring physical spaces, it is about exploring dimensions beyond the physical nature. That means, fundamentally, using some method, doesn't matter what, some method to transcend the limitations of sense perception, so that we can touch and experience dimensions beyond the physical. So Native American mysticism is of a certain sort. We will bring many aspects of their pursuits and their experiences. We will take you through this to whatever extent we… We've not been able to process many things because we are riding from place to place (Laughs) and not been able to deliver the goods to you in terms of the exciting things that we see and experience. Ah… we'll do this as we go by. Be with me, ride with me. Oh, today we decided not to ride because the Bear Lake, and there's work to do, recordin

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