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Do This When You Wake Up! | Attract Anything In 21 Seconds – Dr. Joe Dispenza

if the person's doing the vision board and they're saying when i get my new car i get my new house i get my new relationship then i'm gonna feel so great now that well then they're back to the program waiting for it to happen for them to feel the emotion they're believing their outer world has to change in order for them to feel better there's there's no effect of drawing the experience to you with that way so the person has to use those tools to get them into the emotional state for them to feel like it's already happened now think about this if you get up from a creative process and you feel grateful you feel a love for life you feel a joy for existence you feel a passion uh to for the moment uh you will not be looking for your future because you'll feel like it's already happened it's the moment that we start feeling those self-limiting emotions that we feel separation and then we start looking for it again well then if you're waiting you're not creating you're you're in separation again so then yeah so then whatever it takes for you to move into a state of being and what is a state of being thoughts are the vocabulary of the brain feelings are the vocabulary of your body how you think and how you feel creates your state of being so then if you wake up in the morning and you come come back to your senses with a clean slate and you say i don't feel anything you say well let me start thinking about all the problems in my life well all those problems are connected to different people or different objects of things at different times and places the moment you remember your problems a memory is a record of the past you're thinking in the past every one of those problems has an emotion associated with them so all of a sudden you start feeling unhappy you start feeling bitter you start feeling frustrated so now your body's in the past so then most people then create a state of being that's connected to their past and if they're in the familiar past then they are going to crave the predictable future and they're going to fall back into routine so then we want people then to get very clear on that vision of their future however they do it and begin to combine that clear intention with an elevated emotion and the stronger the emotion they feel from the vision they're creating the more altered they feel inside of them the more they're going to pay attention to the pictures in their mind and now they're remembering their future and biologically it's exactly the same as remembering your past in fact if you're not being defined by a vision in the future it means you're making your past more real than your future you're falling in love with your past you're more in love with your past than you are with your future that you're believing in your past more than you're believing in your future when you get to that moment where you have that feeling that's your compass because that feeling is going to drive your behaviors it's going to drive more of those thoughts and when you feel that feeling and it's visceral no person no thing no experience will stand in the way between you and that vision and and you will be initiated in by the universe into wealth you will be initiated into health you'll be initiated into freedom those people all those people that have healed themselves of all those different health conditions they are so humble and so happy and they feel so great that they would never trade this feeling because of what you thought of them they they've left that program behind a long time ago they actually don't care how you think of them they they actually are so happy with themselves that they're no longer dependent on anything outside of them now i think that's a really important moment because that's the moment we give people permission in our lives to do the same right and i think that more and more people are beginning to figure that out i think uh you know if we everything starts with a thought i mean everything that you do in your life you you have to have a thought before you initiate an action right so so if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny like any great leader in history understands that the first thing you have to do is you have to decide are you going to be defined by a vision of the future or are you going to live by the memories of the past so give you an example most people wake up in the morning and your brain is a record of the past it's an artifact of everything you've learned and experienced to this moment right it's a it's a memory bank so most people wake up in the morning and they start thinking about their problems and those problems are connected to certain people and things at certain times and places and the moment they start start turning on those circuits those memories are actually causing them to think in the past every single one of those memories has an emotion associated with them and emotions are the end product of past experiences so then the moment they recall the event or the they recall some problem in their life they start feeling unhappy they start feeling discouraged they start feeling anxious now thoughts of the language of the brain and feelings of the language of the body and how you think and how you feel creates your state of being so we could say then most people's entire state of being when they start their day is in the familiar past well if you live in the familiar past then it makes sense you're going to create the predictable future so what happens for most people is they get stuck in their biology so think about this your body is your unconscious mind it doesn't know the difference between an experience in your life that creates an emotion and an emotion that you can create by thought alone so if you're living by the same emotion every single day and those emotions are influencing your thoughts and you can't think greater than how you feel or feelings have become the means of thinking you're thinking in the past your lens of the future is going to be colored by the past so you can't see possibilities so most people like to wait for crisis or disease or diagnosis before they wake up yes enough to see well the challenge is is that biology tends to be redundant so if you keep thinking the same thoughts and those thoughts begin to fire certain circuits in your brain the nerve cells that fire together wire together so all of a sudden you start getting hardwired and those are the thoughts that you can think the easiest at the same time those thoughts produce chemicals called emotions and the next thing you know your body gets accustomed to living by the same emotions and it could be guilt it could be unhappiness it could be pain but at least it's familiar to you at least you can predict it so some people would rather cling to the familiar than take a chance and possibilities so for most people then they say well i don't really see how my thoughts have anything to do with my destiny well that's

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