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Discovering the Transcendent Dimension | A Guided Meditation by Eckhart Tolle

I sometimes speak of bringing the Transcendent Dimension into your life without which your life no matter what you achieve is very limited the Transcendent Dimension is not an achievement it's more like a discovery because it's already here so it's not something you need to get which would imply future but the discovery of something that's already here it's not something but we have to use words and this is about the most important thing no matter who you are or what your function is in this world this is about the most important thing there is so we are here right now so that that you can deepen your access to it or for some of you discover for yourself what it is Discover it directly so here today see if you can experience yourself as presence rather than as a person when you experience yourself as presence we could also say the the presence within you the presence that you are that is the Transcendence of the person and the transcendant of the person and the discovery of yourself as presence is here and now when you become so alert so awake you will discover that alertness that wakefulness in you that there's no thinking there are spaces in between thinking of simple alert presence and the opening up of those spaces or that one space is the Transcendence of the person because as that space opens up you suddenly realize there's a depth to you that you did didn't know before but you have to have enough courage to go there because you have to give up everything that you thought you knew all the thoughts that you identified with so you step into the unknown in which one could almost say you become as nothing and I like that English word you don't have that in other languages the English word nothing consists of no thing thing meaning form something that has a particular form and you realize the presence of that which has no form and as you experience yourself as presence in which there's no thought just an alert Consciousness you don't know who you are anymore more and that may require some courage to go [Applause] there some people go there without any spiritual teaching because they just cannot stand who they are anymore the person and the life that that person person creates for them can't take anymore of that suffering the unhappiness the conflict the agony the negativity that they generate I can't take anymore that's a good point to reach too at that moment you have a choice you can commit suicide or preferably step into the into the unknown and discover that presence that's deeper than the person and then live in and through predominantly in and through that presence so when you look at something the presence is looking not the person how do you know whether the presence is looking at something or the person when you don't interpret mentally what you're looking at that's presence but you very alert or you listen to something but you don't interpret it there's just the listening and the presence without which there could be no listening and then in little situations in your life you discover that is much more pleasant to be there as the presence rather than as the person you do perhaps simple routine activities as the presence and the lot space without calling things let happen good or bad anymore because when you call things good or bad it's the person the conceptual self the mindmade self that includes other people you don't call other people good or bad anymore places situations whenever you fall into good and bad you are again a person you lose Transcendence Transcendence is love lost covered up no longer realized it's never really lost but it seems to be completely lost and then you're trying to get rid of the what you called bad but that doesn't really work so as long as you call certain people bad you will continue to meet even if you run away or eliminate those people you'll meet more bad people and what you focus on mentally grows and situations also so if you can encounter people situations places as a simple presence without taking a position towards them allow everything to be in this moment as it is now that's the ego doesn't like that the ego is the mindmade self that lives on judgment if you relinquish judgment the ego disappears of course it doesn't want to disappear but you realize that life becomes a much more pleasant experience without that [Music] person continuously judging everything and everybody

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