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Confidence and Trusting in Yourself | Eckhart Tolle

and instead of then creating a thought in your mind and allowing this thought to survive and even proliferate in your mind and start complaining and so on you can recognize so every human does [Music] that when I lived in England in the country I had a cottage there were two bedrooms three bedrooms upstairs and because my income was low I had to rent out two bedrooms and so I had a succession of people renting over period of 3 years or so and probably about it was a place where people would spend come for a period of time and then move on I had probably 10 or 11 people and out of those eight eight out of 10 sooner or later developed when I got to know them lived in the same house with them relatively small place uh be displayed there were areas in their behavior that were quite dysfunctional almost called insane and I don't I don't just mean quirks of their personality different ways of doing no something more than that patterns that led to complete Distortion of reality in certain areas of their lives and that wasn't just one person it was eight out of 10 and only one person didn't fit into any of these two people stayed relatively displayed a higher degree of presence I there were certain variations also in them but they didn't get taken over by by personalities temporary personas uh subpersonalities they're sometimes called whatever you want to call them they didn't get taken over completely leading to almost total Distortion of reality I had one person however that she came stayed for two or three months and was quite peaceful and a friend told me that she had told him living at ard's place is like living in a float tank FL and and the moment she moved out I heard secondhand account she was involved in huge drama including physical violence with men and other women and she she was known for always generating huge drama in her life except when she stayed with me I didn't know that otherwise I probably wouldn't have invited her in so somehow in the energy field of presence she was able to to drop into or rise into presence but the moment she left the old patterns came back now that was an unusual case mostly uh you find humans are not one single being this is the point of the story once you know that you can you no longer perhaps misinterpret when humans shift and then do display behavior that is not uh not conscious so and instead of then creating a thought in your mind and allowing this thought to survive and even proliferate in your mind and start complaining and so on you can recognize every human does that has that to a greater or lesser degree okay then that's a step forward that realization and then you can allow them because you probably are the same they're different people in you there's a more conscious you and there's a more unconscious you and then the more unconscious you has many different facets to it different sub different ways of being unconscious and then you can see okay now now we know that we can't trust people except in the sense as Baron ktie said I trust everybody said I trust everybody to do what they do so you have to you can't trust them to display consistently conscious behavior that would be absurd so you go to a deeper place and see what the real trust is not doesn't come from people the real trust is finding that place of depth within yourself that does not and once you're there then you can relate to humans from there and you no longer say I demand that you are conscious all the time and if you're not I'll hold it against you and then I'll never talk to you again so it all comes back back to that place of dropping down into where the Mind activity subsides and instead of always being trapped in your thoughts and relating to the world and to people through your thoughts plus the emotions that accompany the thoughts you go to that deeper place place of just feel your own presence let's put it like that for a moment feel the presence that you are the beingness of you the most that deep level of I amness the presence the only thing that cannot be doubted that it is absolutely real that exists that is the isness of you and if that is in the background of your life then you can allow others to do what they do the likelihood is when you meet others from that deeper Place their behavior will become a little more conscious the very unconscious subpersonalities May manifest themselves less because when you erroneously mistake a person's unconsciousness unconscious subpersonality or whatever you want to call it when you eron erroneously mistake that for who they are and mentally focus on that you also bring it out more in them every time you meet them because those are the expectations and and quite often unless humans are really present they oblig and they give you what you expect them if you expect dishonesty you more likely to find dishonesty in humans when you expect violence you're more likely to find it so trust really another word for it in spiritual terminology is Faith because what is faith faith is not belief belief means you have a story and you say this story I believe this story to be true and of course you have no idea whether it is true but you say if you knew it were true then you wouldn't say believe anymore you can't say I believe in this table you don't need to it's here so belief would be believe in some abstract story or whatever it is could be an ideology something your mind tells you but faith is very different in some languages believe and face unfortunately are the same word faith is a is trust faith is a sense of deep connectedness with being from that deep place of connectedness you can also manifest things but let's not talk about that right now that is the con connect conscious connection with Source the source of life which is within you and it's so easy it's you just become still and direct your attention to what you direct your attention to nothing in particular you're just aware of attention and that's it so so if the attention is looking for your true self it doesn't realize that it is your true self because it's Consciousness you are Consciousness and knowing that that's trust suddenly because you're no longer dependent on the continuously shifting things out here for yourself sense of the beingness of who you are because not only humans are continuously shifting but even things around you they come and go situations continuously come and go change impermanence as the Buddha called it fleeting and so as long as you look to external for any sense of security including humans can I trust him can I trust her that's very precarious and usually when I would say no no don't trust him or her trust yourself but then you're no longer in a state of distrust no trust then arises but not from from him or her it it's such essential teaching but not many people seem to realize it yet now at that deeper level really many things that are different concepts on the external level they really all they merge into one so when we

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