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Celebrate Guru Purnima | Be in Sadhguru’s Presence | 23 July 2021 | Join Live At 7 PM IST

Sounds of Isha music —Guru Padaka Strotam. Presenter: Namaskar everyone. Welcome to Guru Purnima 2021. This is the 27th year of Guru Purnima celebrations here at Isha and we extend a very warm welcome to every one of you joining us today from wherever you are. On the occasion of this auspicious day, we are excited to announce the launch of Project Samskriti. Project Samskriti will offer programs in Indian classical arts, including music, chants, dance, and kalaripayattu, the genesis of all martial arts. These intricate arts which evolved over thousands of years are not only a reflection of the diverse culture of this land, but also a source of spiritual inspiration. Envisioned by Sadhguru, Project Samskriti is an endeavor to nurture, preserve and showcase these magnificent arts. Alumni and advanced students of Isha Samskriti with years of rigorous training and an experiential understanding of the impact of the classical arts will offer these programs. You can visit the website for more details. Now let's welcome our Isha Samskriti students for a live performance. Sounds of Isha music —Adiguruve. Sadhguru chants Shiva Naga Bandhana. Sadhguru: Say this after me. Sadhguru chants Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya. Sadhguru: Namaskaram. Namaskaram to every one of you, wherever you are, on this very auspicious and special day. Though I am not given to make any day special normally; birthdays, wedding anniversaries, so many other kinds of days, I've never made them special, because I don't see one day being more special than other. Though one day is not better than another, it all depends on what we make out of it; still, certain days are suitable for certain aspects of life. Right now, it's monsoon time, all the farmers… city people are buying boats, farmers are getting to plough their land. Why couldn't they plough their land in the summer? Because today is a better day to plough than the summer day; in that context… those who are aspiring to become available to grace, this is a very auspicious day. There are only two ways for a human being – either to perceive or to receive. Everybody would like to perceive but not many people are willing to put in the work that it takes to become perceptive… takes some work. To receive doesn't take work, but it takes certain humility, certain ability to obliterate yourself. It's like falling in love; something of you must go. If you do not perceive or receive, you are a blooming idiot. If you are not empowered, you just live a stupid life. If you are empowered, you become a tyrant and cause immense suffering to everybody around you. This is the only way for human beings. I know there are many fold paths, but I am giving you three-fold path. with all due respect to everybody else. You can either be… work or strive for perception or bow down and become receptive or blossom as a bloody idiot, mess up your own life, if empowered mess up everybody's life. These are only three ways for human beings. Fortunately, a whole lot of idiotic people are not empowered fortunately. When they get empowered, you will see calamities in the world. We are a miniscule of life in this cosmic space we are a microscopic life but with very macro possibilities. Many ways to see this. See, this eye is so small, but it can look up and grasp the sky; such a small eye. Inside this eye, the screen, the retina is this much; it can grasp the galaxies. So, there are possibilities beyond our physical stature. As a physical creature. we are microscopic. Today all of you are trying to see the microscopic virus, I mean, you're trying to see what you're not able to see which way it gets into you, from where it gets into you, but it is… microscopic, but see how troublesome, it has its own potency. Similarly this… right now these microscopic creatures are making the human societies shiver.. Nearly five million people dead. Sadhguru: So, this is a microscopic creature in this cosmos, but with tremendous possibilities, not in terms of activity, not in action. If you try to become macro in action, you will become a work donkey, endlessly doing something, carrying the burdens of the world and not getting anywhere. In terms of experience you can make this so phenomenal because ultimately that human beings are performing, in some way is related to their experience. Now, will you do a thousand things to feel little happy? Tch, tch, tch, tch, tch. To be peaceful and happy, how much circus humanity is doing is unbelievable. When you can simply sit here and be peaceful and happy, how much circus human beings have been doing for thousands of years, still not realizing that human experience comes from within. We can only manage it from within, we can only enhance it from within, but it goes on drama. If one… On this day, the Guru Purnima, on this day if you become receptive or you're willing to strive to become perceptive, any one of these things if you are willing to do, the possibility of life is such that this beginningless and endless cosmos infinite in its nature, you can crush it and put it into yourself. This is what Yoga means. There're two ways of looking at it – either you can expand, that may not be imaginable, but you like to crush things, right? Hello? At least people around you sometimes? So I am talking about crushing the cosmos and putting it into yourself. When this question was raised to Adiyogi… how can I… how can I go through the Guru Purnima evening without uttering tch Adiyogi ? When they asked him, "What is the nature of this cosmos? Where does it begin? Where does it end?" He laughed and he said, "I can pack this cosmos, your cosmos which you think is beginningless and endless into a mustard seed." I am not getting that small, I am saying I can crush it and put it into myself. You can do it too. It's just that instead of enhancing human consciousness, people have largely worked towards enhancing their conclusions. Because education systems have taught you the conclusions that you make is knowledge. Conclusions that you make may be useful for day-to-day activity, but it'll not take you anywhere. It will not take you anywhere in terms of experience, and human experience, your experience of being here as a human being is the most vital aspect of your existence. Because in terms of activity, I think… I think, if I am wrong, you tell me, I don't know what is the nature of your activity; I think the ants, the birds and the bees are doing lot more activity than you can do, and they are eco-friendly also. So in terms of activity. don't brag about your activity because there are animals, there are sea animals, there are land animals which incessantly performing activity without sleep, without rest, non-stop. You never saw a shark or a fish sleeping. They rest a little bit but they're on all the time. So in terms of activity don't compete, because by enhancing activity, you will recede in your evolutionary process. Activity is needed to wear this d

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