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my beloved child your unwavering courage and Faith have deeply moved my heart as your heavenly father it fills me with immeasurable joy to call you my own you have shown great wisdom in your choices embracing my guidance and finding solace in prayer such dedication nourishes your very Soul ushers peace into your home and strengthens your heart Rejoice for your path is marked with continual Victory and an abundance of blessings yet know this challenges are part of your journey the envious adversary May flee at your steadfastness but often returns to test your resolve fear not nor waver for in this world trials are inevitable remember my love and presence are always near call upon me with unwavering faith I am ever present I shall provide all your needs and more but I ask you to continue growing in wisdom to skillfully Steward the gifts I bestow upon you shut the doors to loss and Misfortune learning from the past yet leaving its burdens behind step forward with determination and patience walking alongside me in Peace untroubled by Future trials through your repentance I have forgiven and forgotten your missteps and my holy Spirit resides within you guiding you in love towards your destined rewards your faith in me will bring blessings to you and your family spread my word offer Solace to others and witness the heavens showering health happiness wisdom and resilience upon you this Divine strength is my gift to those who Faithfully serve my love for you is boundless and I celebrate your journey in the Heights you will reach in my perfect timing I will unveil the extraordinary blessings awaiting you and your family your faith and forward strides fill me with joy and I eagerly anticipate revealing the Wonders I have in store for you my cherished one lay your weary head upon my gentle shoulder and allow your tears to flow freely each tear is a precious gem in my sight collected with care in my hands as the Tempest of life abates together we will witness the transformation of your sorrow into a testament of my boundless love each tear you've shed will be a marker a memory of the trials you faced and as the skies clear behold how your adversities and foes have dissolved into nothingness I have stood guard my mere presence dispersing the Shadows let your tears Cascade when they must for within each droplet lies the seed of extraordinary blessings some will fall to the Earth nurturing growth and strength While others will Ascend mingling with the grace of Heaven these tears will beget Showers of Grace upon you remain Here In My Embrace I will not release you until you are enveloped in the security you so deeply need do not venture out into the World burdened by sorrow Let My Words cleanse your mind and when you feel the weight lifted and my presence like a sweet fragrance to your soul share with me your Faith's resilience will be the measure by which I gauge your Readiness to face life a new for it is my deepest desire for you to flourish return to me on the tomorrow for there is much I yearn to reveal to you I am nurturing your spirit preparing you for a mission of profound significance those around you perceive this calling they see the Divine Purpose in your life I promise Abundant Blessings to those who stand by you your family your friends yet those who oppose you must tread a different path your emotional scars will heal your wounds will fade listen to my voice hold on to every word I speak each Dawn and you shall find Solace your tears will subside and should they continue they will be tears of joy if my peace envelops you healing is at work within you stay here close to me and on this day receive more and more a miraculous work begins in your family this very instant as you heed my words I seek to fortify you for through your speech Deeds gaze and very being you are the vessel of this wondrous Miracle you are precious to me and my love for you is unceasing share this love with those in your care let the them feel your love and understanding approach them with hands of blessing laying them upon their heads with fervent prayer pour out your love focusing your resources and energy primarily on those closest to you those within your home reflect upon your family your relatives and those estranged by past grievances forgive them embrace them with tenderness show kindness to everyone and you will see your family Thrive and prosper living in unity enjoying the fruits of your prayers and efforts care for them share laughter exercise patience and create a welcoming Haven where they can find true affection after the day's challenges there will be times when you gently guide them correcting their paths if they value your love they will heed your counsel but if they do not entrust them to my care in prayer I am at work in their hearts and in time they will come to repentance recognizing their errors and I will lead them on the right path in times of family trials seek me in prayer avoid anger and frustration Reserve these emotions for those yet to know me for your problems there is always a solution and for your questions an answer I have a remedy for your worries ask me for strength when you feel the urge to raise your voice or react harshly so as not to grieve my Holy Spirit within you seek refuge in me when the burden grows too heavy call out to me and I will respond when you need help trust that I will be by your side offering my hand in every situation I will guide you with love ensuring you feel safe and protected your dwelling will be immensely blessed with peace profound joy and endless provision for with me no task is beyond reach today marks A New Beginning my child and you are destined to receive immense blessings remember I am your Shepherd you shall not want I am your provider and all that you lack will soon be fulfilled I am your healer wrapping you in my love and granting your restoration I am your protector under my wings you shall find a Haven basking in the serenity of my presence my words are truth my promise is steadfast and all the beauty I have spoken over your life shall unfold for I am God I speak no untruths what I have promised I will bring to fruition I will guide you gently along the path I have set and in every circumstance no matter how challenging I will be with you even when when a miracle seems unattainable trust in me with your whole heart committing your plans to me put me first in all your Pursuits and I will stand by you assisting you my love for you has been evident even in your darkest moments when you believed your errors had separated you from me when all forsook you when some condemned hurt demeaned and wounded your spirit speaking failure over you trying to strip you of your blessings you felt overwhelmed fearing the end was near yet as I have always done I will do again I approached you with understanding Grace love forgiveness and gentleness from the depths of Despair I lifted you do not doubt do not waver Proclaim with conviction that y

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