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Buddhist story | Search of a true master |

foreign time ago a man went in search of a master he was determined to find a master for himself who could show him the path to enlightenment and for that he was even ready to go around the world when he began his journey just outside his village he saw a ordinary looking Monk who was sitting under a tree man went to him and said you look like a vendorer are you vendra the monk replied yes I am a bandra I vendor all over the Earth man thought for a moment and then said can I ask you a question the monk replied sure why not the man said I want to be a disciple of a perfect master can you suggest to me where I should go where can I find him the mark suggested a few addresses to him young men thanked him and went on man vendored for 30 years around the Earth and he found nobody who was up to his expectations he was dejected and depressed he decided to come back to his village the moment he was entering his village he saw the same monk sitting under a tree he had become very old now suddenly the man recognized him as his master he fell at his feet and said oh wise one why did not you say it to me that you are the perfect master the monk said my friend that was not the time for you you could not recognize me at that time you needed some experience bending around the earth has given you a certain maturity a certain understanding now you can see last time you met me but you had not seen me you had missed you are asking me about some master and that was enough proof that you could not see me you could not feel my presence you could not smell the fragrance you are utterly blind hence I gave you some addresses you spent 30 years with wrong people but even to be with wrong people he is good because that is how one dance for 30 years I have been waiting for you I have not left this place this tree young man was not young anymore now he looked at tree and he was even more surprised because at that time he remembered that in his dreams in his Visions he was always seeing the tree and there was always a feeling that he would find his master sitting under this tree he realized that 30 years back he did not see tree he met master but could not recognize him because everything was ready but he was not ready if we see in our lives we will find that every person is in search of something someone wants to get a good job and someone wants to become a big businessman someone wants to achieve first ranking exam while someone is looking for peace of mind everyone is searching for something but only those people can become successful in getting what they want who are capable enough unless or until you make yourself capable of achieving something you will not get it liking this story the man had a master in front of him but he could not recognize him because yet he was himself not eligible for it and Ben he was eligible he found the master near his village for another instance if someone wants to get a highly paid job or become a big businessman then first he or she will have to become eligible for it without eligibility one cannot become successful where there is ability success automatically follows therefore don't chase after success but chase after capability because if you are capable then success will automatically chase you [Music]

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