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Best Motivational Speech Compilation Ever – 1 Hour of Motivation To Change Forever

[Music] if you get to be 65 or 70 and later and and the people that you want to have love you actually do love you you're a success i've never seen anybody that reaches that age i mean i'm not talking about somebody that's in extreme poverty or pain or something but i've never seen anybody that if they have a lot of people that love them that is other than happy and i've seen some very very wealthy people that they give testimonial interest to and name schools after and everything nobody nobody loves them you know by far the best investment you can make is in yourself i mean that for example communication skills i tell the students that come that they're going to graduate schools and business and they're learning all these complicated formulas all that if they just learn to communicate better and both in writing and in person they increase their value at least 50 no i mean if you can't communicate somebody who says you know it's like winking at a girl in the dark nothing happens you know basically and and you have to be able to get get forth your ideas and uh and that's that's relatively easy i did it myself with the dale carnegie of course some people wish i'd taken a shorter course now in terms of my talking later on but it it's just hugely important and you if you invest in yourself nobody can take it away from me the second thing which i'll get a certain criticism for not living it but but i do tell them those students you know that if i gave you a car and it'd be the only car you get the rest of your life you take care of it like you can't believe any scratch you'd fix that moment you read the owner's manual you keep a garage and do all these things and you get exactly one mind of one and one body in this world and and you can't start taking care of it when you're 50 by that time you'll rush it out if you haven't done anything so you you should just really make sure that you just remember that you just got one mind and body to get through life with and to do the most with it what about life advice well life advice is uh you know the most important thing aside from the things i've talked about already is is really who you associate with you want to associate with people that are better than you are i mean basically you'll go in the direction of the people that you associate with and and you want to have the right heroes you want people if you want to emulate somebody you better pick very carefully who you want to emulate and obviously you can't pick your parents they're going to have an enormous influence on you but you don't get a choice on that but you get choices as you go down the line and you who you who you admire who you who you want to copy and the most important for most people in terms of that decision is their spouse it's also important in terms of a partner in business but the partner in life is is the most important you want to pick a spouse that's a little that's better than you are and then he or she and hopefully you hope they don't figure it out too fast is business school worth it depends on the person uh much more than it depends on the school i mean i i wouldn't worry some people are going to get a lot out of advanced education and some people are going to get very little and i don't even think it's important that every person go to college at all i mean we have all kinds of jobs at 70 or so thousand a year 80 000 a year that college training is is not abuse and i i actually was not keen on going to college myself yeah my dad kind of jollied me into it he could get me to do anything but and if they'd had an s.a.t test in those days he would have taken the test for me but because i just i was i i knew i could have a good time and i liked investing and i didn't really feel like i could read the books so i don't you know it's a big commitment to take four years and the cost involved and maybe the loans involved and everything i think depending on what your interests are in life i i don't think i don't think it's for everybody i think it's for a lot of people but there ought to be a reason you're going and i didn't really see much reason it never bothered me if people disagreed with what i thought as long as i felt i knew the facts i mean there's a whole bunch of things i don't know think about i just stay away from those so i stay within what i call my circle of confidence you know tom watson said it best he said you know he said he said i'm no genius but i'm smart in spots and i stay around those spots well i try and stay around those spots and i i just don't have a problem if if somebody says you know you're wrong on something i just i go back and look at the facts and i think that really is much more important frankly than having a few points of iq or or having an extra course or two in in school or anything of the sort you need emotional stability i just read and read and read i probably read five to six hours a day i don't read as fast now as when i was younger but i read five daily newspapers i read a fair number of of magazines i read 10ks i read annual reports and i read a lot of other things too so i i i've always enjoyed reading i love reading biographies famous lesson about a margin of safety that you don't drive a truck that weighs 9 900 pounds across a bridge that says limit ten thousand pounds because you can't be that sure about it if you see something like that you go down a little further down the road and you find one that says limit twenty thousand pounds and that's the one you drive across the nature of capitalism is that people wanna come in and take your castles perfectly understandable i mean if i'm selling television sets or something there's going to be 10 other people that can try and sell a better television set if i have a restaurant here in omaha people are going to try and copy my menu and get more parking and take my chef and so on so capitalism's all about somebody coming and trying to take the castle now what you need is you need a castle that has some durable competitive advantage some castle that has a moat around it and that moat that's one of the best moats in many respects is to be a low-cost producer but sometimes the mode is just having more talent i mean if you're the heavyweight champion in the world and you keep knocking out people you've got a competitive advantage as long as you can keep doing it and it's very profitable uh if you're the one that happens to be able to do it if you can turn out great motion pictures i mean you know steven spielberg i mean he he he's a fellow to bet on and and it has enormous economic value what kills great businesses if you look at i do believe in looking at history and i i and i try to i like to study failure actually my partner says all i want to know is where i'll die so i'll never go there and and we want to see what has caused businesses to go bad and the biggest thing that kills them is complacency i mean you you want a a restlessness a feeling that you know that [

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