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Before God Blesses You He Will Expose Everyone You Need To Walk Away From

when a baby is born one of the very first things you have to do is cut the umbilical cord in order to separate it from its mother it's abrupt it's permanent but it is necessary and that mental imagery is echoed in a multitude of different situations in sports some athletes have to be cut from the team so that only the best remain [Music] and gardening some branches have to be cut so that the rest of the plant can grow and in every season of life there comes a time when you have to cut certain things out of your life maybe it's a relationship that is tempting you to sin maybe it's a habit that's turning into an addiction maybe it's a hobby that's becoming an obsession there comes a time when you have to cut out certain things it could be anything that starts off Innocent but gradually starts to become an idol anything that keeps you from pursuing Jesus and enjoying life to the fullest in him is a risk of becoming toxic and at that point it's up to you to decide you've had enough it's up to you to decide to cut ties and oftentimes we have to do these risk assessments we need to begin assessing is this worthy of my time is this even worthy of my effort is this worth my attention so if you recognize that something just isn't right don't be afraid to cut that ungodly friendship don't be afraid to cut that dangerous career path don't be afraid to cut that Hobby Proverbs 13 verse 20 says whoever walks with the wise becomes wise but the companion of fools will suffer harm we can't always avoid temptation but we can avoid intentionally putting ourselves in tempting situations and there are certain people and conditions that bring out the worst in US ultimately we must value our relationship with God over our comfort we must value our spiritual health over our Earthly satisfaction the longer we remain connected to something the more dependent on it we become we should never rely completely on one person or activity to make us happy people change circumstances change but the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the saying yesterday today and forever if he is calling you to cut ties with something or someone you value then do it nothing and no one should be placed above Jesus Christ in your life maybe he's showing you that your heart isn't in the right place losing those relationships isn't God's punishment it's his Mercy it's his way of showing you that he is sufficient for you cutting ties doesn't mean you're giving up it doesn't mean you don't care it simply means that you are choosing wisely to walk away before you get hurt even more and if you're waiting for the right time you'll be waiting forever it's often easier to get it over with so that you can begin to heal cutting ties will likely be difficult it might cause some Growing Pains as you get acclimated to living without that person or that thing in your life you might feel helpless and Afraid at first it might hurt to lose something or to lose that friendship but in time you can trust that God will help you to breathe on your own in time God will show you that it was all working for your good new levels no devils when that blessing comes when your gift begins to make room for you and that fresh anointing touches your life be sober be vigilant and be warned the enemy will not take it sitting down there is a hierarchy in the kingdom of darkness and when the Lord lifts you up to a new level understand that your level of opposition will change but don't let that scare you don't let that discourage you because when the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him so when you reach your new level your opposition might be greater but your measure of Grace is greater your favor is bigger and your anointing is at a higher level once God has taken you to a new level you become a higher threat to the enemy new levels new devils you see this is what happens when God begins to bless you he lifts you up for his glory and when the people around you begin to see the hand of God over your life you become a living testimony your life begins to be a Ministry all by itself because of God those who saw you and thought you weren't qualified enough those who saw you and made the decision that you weren't good enough those who doubted you and said there was nothing to you all of them will witness your turnaround when God starts moving all of them will be watching when God prepares a table for you in their presence you see there's no denying our God those who once plotted against you they will see you reach New Heights despite their plans and they'll know they will know that you serve a living God a miracle-working God the King of Kings but don't take it for granted remember to be sober to be vigilant do you think the devil will sit back and watch that if it can't stop you from being blessed he will try and get you to lose your blessing so your intensity must match that of your enemy your prayer life must match or be greater than the evil the devil throws your way when God lifts you up to a new level understand that the devil will raise his level of opposition against you new levels new devils and if you didn't know your opposition prowls to and fro looking for whom he may devour your opposition throws fiery darts in the middle of the night he comes to steal kill and destroy so you can't be preying on a level down here when your opposition is fighting you on a level up here you need to raise your game pray at a higher level praise and worship God at a deeper level search and chase God in a way like never before and when it comes to growth as a Christian we all have room to grow as children of God we can never achieve Perfection but we can grow we can improve there's a higher level to be sought after a higher level of Faith a higher level of obedience a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit a burning prayer life a more intense Outreach to the Lost there's always a new level a higher level to be reached in our walk with Christ as for me I am desperate to have a deeper closer relationship with God [Music]

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