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A great place for you to move | Zen story |

[Music] once two men visited a zen master they both were from the same town the first man said to zen master i am thinking of moving to this town what is it like the zen master asked what was your old town like the first man responds it was dreadful no one was helpful there everyone was hateful i hated it that's why i want to change my town the zen master said this town is also very much the same i don't think you should move here the first man leaves and the second man comes in the second man says i am thinking of moving to this town what is it like the zen master asked what was your old town like the second man responded it was wonderful everyone was friendly and helpful i was happy there i am just interested in a change now the zen master says this town is very much the same i think you will like it the second man also left from there one of the zen masters disciple who was sitting there and was listening to their conversation after both the man left he came near to his master and said master i have a question in my mind please tell me why you recommended this town to second man and why you did not recommend this town to the first man they both belong to the same town how come this don't be good for living for one person and not good for another please tell me the zhen master smiled and replied my dear the first man who came in his experience his town was not good and people there were not helpful in fact he found the people of his town to be like him you will see the word as you are wherever he will go the whole world will appear bad to him even after shifting to this town he will find people to be bad here that's why i did not recommend him to shift here the second man who came here was also from the same town from where the first man came but in his experience his town was wonderful and people there were very helpful because he himself was a good person that's why everyone appears good to him wherever he will go he will find good people that's why i recommend him to shift her and live in this town he will live here peacefully and happily always remember that you see the word as you are if we see in our life we will find that it happens to all of us we want people to treat us well but we never thought of treating others well we expect help from others but we never thought of helping others as a person is himself so appears the whole world to him if you treat others well if you help them then they will also treat you well and help you when you need it don't wish for others to be good be good yourself and this whole world will itself become good for you this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching [Music] [Music] you

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