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my beloved child I am here to deliver your Victory a Divine sign is manifesting for you in these moments your time has arrived my Chambers are prepared for all that is to come at this moment a shower of blessings descends upon you blessings that shall alter the course of your existence the closed doors shall swing open what appeared impossible shall become possible for me nothing is impossible I am orchestrating my work in your life I am altering the path of scarcity along which you were walking in these moments you shall sense a transformation those chains that bound you that Affliction weighing upon your heart shall shatter at this very instant I desire you to live joyfully to be whole to not be concerned with matters under my control you are my son you are beloved you are my daughter you are cherished In My Embrace you shall find the affection and love you have been missing that understanding no one has bestowed upon you I have known your paths seen you with each step aware of your distress listened to your thoughts amidst tears I comprehend everything about you everything you are enduring everything you have lived through everything you have experienced I am not oblivious to your pain my son I am not ignorant of your pain my daughter you shall find in me all that you lack just open your heart as you have been doing be patient when things do not transpire as you wish you shall experience the fullness of my love and my promises that seemingly ET Eternal pain shall dissipate I promise you shall rise emerge Victorious and soar From the Ashes take courage have faith be strong keep believing and trusting continue to pray continue to bend your knees for your time is drawing near the drought has ended the time of lean cows has reached its conclusion From This Moment onward you walk the path of abundance and prosperity a unique path that I have prepared for you and yours in the coming hours the issue for which you could find no solution shall be resolved I shall use my power to pave ways where there were once Stones I shall transform your problems into opportunities at this moment those who murmur against you shall fall silent left speechless by my glorious work within you my angels are guarding your steps those who seek to harm you shall have no power over you for my angels provide protection against all potential harm those who aim to make you stumble shall not succeed do not heed their words turn a deaf ear to their utterances my light shall dispel all darkness my light shall illuminate your path I know your wait has been long but your time is here and the Miracle shall be grand prepare yourself for the extraordinary change that lies ahead when you witness all that I have done for you you shall remember this day with tears of joy you will recall these words and know that I did not leave you alone that I did not forsake you in your moment of Agony my presence envelops you dear one I Am with You beloved like a white mantle that Shields you from all harm doubts criticisms malicious comments shall be erased I am restoring your being today I am changing your roots eradicating the curses placed upon you I am elevating you placing a crown of Victory upon your head it is your moment and you are aware of it I sense the restlessness in your soul and heart there is an issue that has stolen your sleep and you have been unable to find peace due to it but today I grant you my peace today you shall feel the relief you have sought a peace shall come to you that fills every corner of your being a door is opening at this very moment a door of opportunity go for it someone the least expected shall extend a hand to you and bring an opportunity into your life take that path take the first step I have prepared this journey for you do not give up at this St stage of the trial you must be strong you must be brave you have done well thus far but it is not over until you attain Victory come dear son come beloved daughter regain your strength fill yourself with courage and continue on this path with determination you shall Triumph in your trial you shall not be defeated remember that you are with me and with me nothing is impossible I am here to guide and enrich your life to offer a sense of fulfillment joy and abundance as you listen to my words today I urge you to understand and believe that I am beside you in this very moment even in times when you feel misunderstood unheard and isolated in your struggles remember that I am there with you my love for you is profound and unparalleled this is why I come to you now ready to listen and assist to bring joy blessings and prosperity into your life pay attention to my message for everything I will share with you today will bring peace comfort and Liberation to your soul my child do not try to flee from my presence for there is nothing you can do to make me depart from you do not give in to discouragement nor allow the burdens of life to overwhelm you do not let the destructive works of the enemy affect protect you rather allow me to help you to hold you in my hands and to guide you on the path of life on the path of righteousness where all is peace joy and Tranquility let me take your hand and lead you toward the Fulfillment of my promises no matter how difficult the situation may be right now I will not abandon you I shall always be by your side supporting and cradling you in my arms for all I desire for you is a full and happy life a life of purpose filled with Abundant Blessings blessings that shall meet your needs satisfy the yearnings of your soul and heart that is why my child I shall never forsake you I shall always remind you of how much I love you for you are my unique and marvelous creation I called you to be blessed and prospered so that you may live happily here on Earth even if at times you forget who you are losing sight of the purpose for which you were called have patience I am here to remind you to guide you and to help you fulfill it no matter how great your dreams and goals may be I shall help you attain them for you are my special treasure and you deserve to be happy I know the times when you feel burdened by the mistakes and failures you commit by the extent to which it is hard for you to forgive yourself and if there is something to forgive I always extend my forgiveness to you I shall never pass judgment upon you for me the most Paramount thing is for you to distance yourself from the malevolent and learn from your errors to grow and evolve into a finer individual understand that every trial challenge or adversity are but opportunities to advance and fortify yourself remember that adverse moments are but steps that will Elevate you to a higher level of Faith to a life filled with purpose and blessings you shall Ascend towards your goals and dreams to a place where you can perpetually Thrive and flourish so irrespective of what may come to pass regardless of the challenges that lie ahead I shall watch over you and fulfill all tha

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