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40 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! – MORNING MOTIVATION | Motivational Speech

[Music] there is no dream that you can dream that the power that is God regardless of what name you call it by has not dreamed bigger for you so let's just for the sake of everybody being on the same page let's use life for God life has Dreamed a Dream for you and your your goal your number one job is to figure out what that dream is and align yourself with the dream because the dream cannot come to you unless you're willing to meet it energetically in the same place so if your energy is off you are not in flow with God's dream for you with life's dream for you if you are out of order if you are out of sync it cannot come to you it will not come because the whole purpose of your life is to line yourself up with the purpose and so if you are operating in fear if you are operating in uh jealousy jealousy will kill you any any kind of anger or jealousy you have about anybody else so here are a couple laws I have the first law is the third law of motion in physics which says for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and we showed that very beautifully in The Color Purple When Miss Seeley says to mister everything you even try to do to me is already done to you that is not just a rhetorical saying that is law that is Newton's third law of motion in physics which says everything that goes out is coming back it's just like everything that goes up is coming down may take a long time to come down is coming down everything that goes out is coming back it's coming back so to answer the power of manifestation and meditation what meditation does is sync you up with the source what meditation does is allows you to literally tap into the power that created you so that you are in alignment with that and so when you carry that out into the world everything that you do comes from the center of that alignment that's coming from the source that we call God we call Divine energy Divine intelligence whatever name you want to give it to we call life when you are synced up with life life just gives to you it opens doors it creates experiences it allows you to meet people things show up you never thought were going to show up and you are doing what is the purpose of your soul being here so one of my favorite teachers is Gary zhukov who says that authentic power is when you learn to use your personality which I've done very well use your personality to serve the energy of your soul so you are the bigger soul that has a personality when you figure out how to take I have a big personality it's lovely it's Charming but it's not me it's not me I'm here to do my soul's work and I use my personality to serve the Soul's work and because I know what the Soul's work is I heard somebody ask earlier about what should you be praying the prayer is use me you are here to be used as a vessel from The Source from which you have come [Music] and if and everybody has a different talent and the reason we're all so messed up is because you're looking at everybody else's Talent out and wishing you had some of their talent all the energy that you spend thinking about wishing about being jealous of envious of anybody else is energy that you're not only putting out it's going to come back to you negatively but you're taking that away from you all your energy should be forced on what do I have to offer what do I have to give how can I be used in service because Dr King's message of not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service and there is not a job in here that you can do that you don't switch the Paradigm to service and not make that job more fulfilling I don't care what the job is if you say I'm a singer I'm a dancer I'm an artist I'm a teacher I'm a nurse I'm a doctor I'm a janitor I'm a I'm a clerk I'm a if you say if I look at this from how do I use this in service to something bigger than myself it no longer becomes a job it becomes an offering to the world and that is why you're here and when you can line up with whatever that is line up with that and all you have to do is keep asking the question and ask the question in Purity not in when's it gonna come like I'm not looking for a man but is that him over there I played that game I played that game uh when you could do that then then then then it comes it opens up don't you see that I try to do it every day because if you don't it's it's usually a more messed up day doesn't mean you don't get through life because a lot of people getting through life it just means your life isn't as enhanced and everybody who's afraid of meditation don't even call it meditation don't call it that just say I'm going to have I I have what I call I have a prayer chair I'm a prayer chair and then I have just a place where it's called and be still and the reason why people have so many struggles is because you're struggling against what is for you you're pushing against it so when you find that you're not moving forward you need to stop and get still and say what am I resisting because it can't come through if you push against it it only comes through if you're in flow with it and it just flows it flows and it cannot flow if you're afraid foreign practice is stillness when I first awaken allowing myself the moments of awareness and recognition that it is a magnificent thing to be a human being Here and Now and the glory and beauty of that sustains and has brought me a piece that I cannot even explain there is a richness and a wealth and a peace that goes beyond any material possession or award or Acclaim or anything that you could acquire piece of knowing that there is a presence a force field I use the word God but God often seems small compared to what I know it to be that's really emanating and vibrating through all things and that I am a part of that which I call God [Music] we live in a celebrity obsessed world don't we look at me notice me the thou teaches something completely the opposite listen to the 66th verse of the dove foreign again the sea stays low and because the sea stays low all of the rivers and all of the streams empty into it because it stays humble because it stays in that place of just allowing everything to come to you he was trying to teach us the important lesson of letting what we know is coming come to us I practice this so much more now in my life than I did at one time I could remember years ago I had written a book called The auronia Sounds back in the 70s and it stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for something like 27 months and many weeks it would be number one and then it would go down to number three and then I would go to thumb or two and down to seven and all of that and I was doing The Tonight Show in those days on a regular basis and what you do is you call and find out where you appear on the best seller list for the following week on Wednesday you call up on Wednesday not for the Sunday coming up but for the following week and I called home and my ego was pretty stro

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