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𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙏𝙤𝙙𝙖𝙮: I Have Something Very Important To Tell You | God’s Message Now

my child I have done incredible things for you and I long to fill your heart with boundless Joy take the time to reflect on all I've accomplished on your behalf rejoice in the depths of my goodness and greatness as you recall the marvelous Deeds I've performed find rest in the warmth of my intimate presence let your soul relax in the Embrace of my Everlasting Arms I yearn to saturate your being with joy but this journey requires your collaboration [Music] do not rush through life like a child on Christmas morning tearing open all the gifts and then asking is that all each day is a precious gift from me seek me within the boundaries of this day and you will undoubtedly find me I am present not only in Pleasant moments but also in the midst of unwanted circumstances my joy is sufficient for all situations and I adjust it according to your needs when life goes smoothly my joy enhances your Delight when You Face adversity I provide a deep and enduring joy that clings to me for strength embracing my joy takes both time and courage find your rest in me alone dear one for your ultimate hope flows from me your mind is often Restless constantly racing and rarely still hear me when I say come to me I am the only Sanctuary where your mind will find true satisfaction and renewal set aside time make time to direct your thoughts toward me whisper my name and wait in my sacred presence you are standing on Holy Ground where your mind and soul can be refreshed true hope originates from me false hope abounds for many sources including persuasive advertisements ask me to Grant you discernment as you navigate the pathways of Hope numerous voices will beckon to you saying this is the way do not be deceived learn to be wise and alert amidst the cacophony of information break free from the overload of information by redirecting your thoughts to me as you rest in my peaceful presence true hope will flourish within you I Empower you to ascend to the heights to Journey with me in the glory of my presence at times you may feel as if you can barely take another step on this arduous climb when you look ahead you see seemingly insurmountable cliffs yet always remember that I am with you by your right hand I guide you with my counsel helping you navigate the best way to scale those Heights although your journey with me may be challenging and even grueling at times it is far more than a test of endurance my presence can Infuse joy into the steepest climbs Be watchful for the pleasures I have prepared for you and take moments to Delight in the companionship I offer you might think that the heights refer only to the summit of the mountain you're climbing however if you pause and look back at how far you've come you'll realize that you're already standing on a high place so take a moment to relax and gaze lovingly at me the glory of my presence surrounds you seize the hope I offer you and be greatly encouraged the hope of Heaven is your Birthright as a Christian and from that glorious promise flow many blessings into your present life yet remember that seizing hope is an active Endeavor that demands your effort as the Apostle Paul taught you must press on toward the goal and live up to what you've already attained [Music] this requires you to grasp onto the Heavenly Hope from which countless blessings emanate one of these blessings is encouragement which you receive as a free gift from me when you make the effort to cling to your hope focusing on what I have already accomplished My Sacrifice for your sins what I am currently doing living within you and what I will do Usher you into eternal glory I take Delight in bestowing abundant gifts upon you so hold on to hope beloved will find tremendous encouragement I am Emmanuel God With You and I am more than enough when life flows smoothly easy to trust in my sufficiency but when you face a series of challenges one after another you might feel that my provision falls short this is when your mind tends to race obsessing over ways to improve your circumstances seeking Solutions is commendable but it can become an addiction a cycle of overthinking that leaves you drained to guard against mental exhaustion remind yourself that I am always with you taking care of you even during the most trying times you can choose to rejoice in me to Proclaim my sufficiency this is a supernatural work empowered by my spirit residing in you it's also a conscious decision you make each day each moment choose to find joy in me your savior for I am truly more than enough pause if only for a moment to lay down your problems and fix your gaze upon me imagine yourself standing at the edge of an endless ocean on a Shore scattered with pebbles these Pebbles represent the problems yours your families your friends and the worlds as you pick up each Pebble and scrutinize it closely they obscure your view of the Grandeur surrounding you often as soon as you set down one problem you pick up another consequently you miss the beauty of my presence and fail to receive my assistance the ocean represents me an infinite glorious presence continually with you I invite you to set aside all the pebble problems even if just for a while to experience my presence fully and accept my unfailing love draw near to me through prayer saying Jesus I Choose You I choose to seek you in the midst of my problems practice this until it becomes a delightful habit one that keeps you close to me on the path of life you can even find reason to rejoice in your sufferings because you know they produce perseverance which in turn develops character and character gives birth to Hope problems that cause you pain can ultimately increase your hope however this doesn't happen automatically you must cooperate with my spirit as he guides you through seasons of suffering perseverance is a rare quality in today's world where many seek quick fixes yet enduring adversity embraced with trust and confidence in me shapes christ-like character within you this prepares you for an eternity where problems cease to exist your transformed character blesses both you and those around you in this world for I created you in my image to reflect my nature the more you become like me the more you can experience hope your transformed character convinces you that you truly belong to me and this helps you navigate the problems you encounter confidence in our shared strength the Magnificent Hope Of Heaven shines upon you daily strengthening and encouraging you I am taking care of you I understand how challenging it can be to believe this when the circumstance is troubling you seem to worsen instead of improve may seem as if I am letting you down as if I do not care about your struggles you know I could instantly change your situation and you wonder why your prayers appear to go unanswered but I want to emphasize that I am indeed taking care of you [Music] to become more aware of my loving presence you need to relax and release your grip on control let go

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