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𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚: I HOLD YOU | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my dearest child I want you to know that I am intimately with you dwelling in your heart this truth that I live in you transforms your life in wondrous ways both now and for all eternity do not fret about whether you are a suitable dwelling for me I joyfully take residence in the Humble Hearts of Believers where I work patiently to renovate and transform them however I cannot abide in those who believe they are good enough without me such individuals are like whitewashed tombs beautiful on the outside but putrid within as you meditate on the miraculous reality that I live in you let your heart overflow with boundless Joy I am not a temporary guest present only when your behavior pleases me I have come to stay permanently yet I must caution you that the process of my renovation can be pain painful at times when my transformative work within you causes discomfort hold on to me with unwavering trust live by faith in the one who loved you and gave himself for you as you continue to yield to the changes I am making you will increasingly become the Masterpiece I designed you to be whenever you encounter anything that is excellent or praiseworthy fix your thoughts on such things this may seem straightforward but it runs counter to the prevailing culture the media often spotlights what is wrong neglecting to highlight the many Good Deeds performed by my people maintaining a positive focus is not just counter to the world it also goes against human nature your mind a magnificent creation was marred by the Fall choosing to focus on Excellence does not come some naturally it requires ongoing effort repeatedly making the right choice daily Moment by moment choose to seek the good despite the significant problems in your world much remains worthy of Praise moreover the one most deserving of Praise is right beside you closer than your very thoughts rejoice in me beloved when people bear their souls to you remember that you stand stand on Holy Ground Your Role is to listen and love not to hastily fix their problems which would defile that Sacred Space some may withdraw when this happens while others may be too wounded to realize they've been violated in either case you miss a precious opportunity to function effectively on this Holy Ground you require the help of the Holy Spirit ask him to think through you listen through you love through you as the spirit's love radiates from you my healing presence begins to work within the other person while you continue to listen your primary task is to direct them toward me and my abundant resources if you follow these guidelines both you and others will be blessed they will connect with my unwavering love at a profound level and I will show them the way they should go as you listen and love relying on me my spirit will flow through you like streams of Living Water refreshing your soul I am your strength this truth becomes especially Precious on days when your weaknesses seem to shout at you insisting that you cannot carry on knowing me as your strength is like having a constant guide showing you the way removing obstacles and empowering you for each step I hold your right hand guiding you with my counsel since I possess omniscience and know all things my counsel is the finest wisdom imaginable so do not fret over your weaknesses they are designed to teach you to rely on my loving presence with confidence that I am with you and will help you your world becomes less intimidating when you shed the illusion of self-sufficient furthermore I meet you in your weaknesses using them to draw others to me my light shines through your inadequacies when you continually look to me your strength let this love Light Flow freely through you filling you with a joy that overflows into the lives of others I am your treasure I am immeasurably more valuable than anything you can see hear or touch knowing me is the Ultimate Prize surpassing all other Treasures Earthly riches are often hoarded insured Fred over or hidden away for safekeeping but the riches you have in me can never be lost stolen or damaged on the contrary as you freely share me with others you gain more of me because I am infinite there will always be more of me need to discover and to love your world may seem cluttered with countless distractions vying for your attention many things both big and small obstruct the path to fully enjoying my presence you may find yourself anxious and troubled about various matters but only one thing is truly necessary when you make me that one thing you choose something that can never be taken away from you Delight in my constant closeness and let your knowledge of me put everything else into perspective I am the treasure that can brighten every moment I give you feet like those of a deer enabling you to stand firm on high places I created deer with the remarkable ability to climb steep mountains effortlessly and to stand confidently on high Cliffs your trust in me can grant you the Assurance to move for forward and make progress in the high places of trouble responsibility or suffering always remember that you live in a world where your spiritual adversaries never cease their attacks you must remain Vigilant and ready for battle unlike Warriors who have servants to help them Dawn their armor you must diligently clothe yourself in it each day regardless of what transpires I want you to be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to keep standing In the Heat of battle declare your trust in me your confidence that I Am with You aiding you you may feel as though you are losing the battle but do not lose heart hold tightly to my hand and continue standing this is true Victory the light of my presence illuminates every situation in your life past present and future I I knew you before the foundation of the world and I have loved you with an everlasting love you are never alone seek me in every moment search for me as if you were searching for Hidden Treasure strive to see me amidst all your circumstances do not let them obscure your view of me sometimes I reveal my presence in Grand and glorious ways other times I manifest myself quietly in Humble way ways that make sense only to you ask me to open your eyes and heart enabling you to recognize all my communications with you beloved as you go through this day remind yourself to seek the light of my presence shining upon your life do not narrow your focus to your responsibilities and worldly concerns expand your perspective to include me in every aspect of your day you will find me as you seek me with all your heart I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go an adventurous Journey lies ahead of you and you approach it with mixed emotions you eagerly anticipate this new adventure expecting to find Abundant Blessings along the way however you also Harbor a degree of fear about leaving behind your familiar predictable routine when anxious thoughts assail you remember that I will be watching over y

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