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𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚: Feel My Words | God Message Today | God’s Message Now

my dear child cease to pass judgment based solely on outward appearances instead Endeavor to exercise discernment Guided by righteousness I uttered these words within the sacred precincts of the Jerusalem Temple imparting the wisdom that judgment may assume the mantle of virtue or vice my audience comprised those who had evaluated me through a superficial lens scrutinizing the letter of the law while neglecting the spirit within it their actions were misguided but let it be known that not all judgments are malevolent I vehemently denounce shallow self-righteous and hypocritical appraisals rather I implore my disciples to engage in righteous evaluations rooted in the tenets of biblical truth in this era of Tolerance there exists an overwhelming societal pressure to abstain from articulating moral delineations The Dread of being branded as intolerant has effectively silenced many who possess the discernment to distinguish right from wrong I beseech you to muster the fortitude to convey truth with compassion as I guide you to do so the most prudent preparation involves diligent study of the scriptures and introspection couplet with an Earnest request for my spirit to channel divine love through your words and Aion extol me for the invaluable Aid of my abiding presence in all circumstances and at every juncture it is fitting to offer this prayer thank you Jesus for your unwavering presence with me here and now although you may not always perceive my presence rest assured that I have made a solemn pledge a pledge that suffices an integral facet of your Christian vocation is to Repose unwavering trust in my Perpetual companionship with faith as your guide confide in me regarding your innermost thoughts emotions challenges and joys believe steadfastly in my profound care for you recognizing that I hearken to each of your petitions approach me with eager expectation ever watchful for the Myriad ways I labor within you and through you rejoice in the knowledge that together you and I are capable of accomplishing far beyond your fondest aspirations my omnipotent power thrives most brilliantly in your moments of vulnerability offered up to serve my Divine purposes never forget that with me nothing is beyond the realm of possibility thus refuse to be daunted by formidable circumstances give praise for the Solace of my enduring presence I am not only your brother but also your Confidant as the firstborn among a multitude of siblings you are being molded into my likeness a privilege and blessing of unfathomable magnitude while some are fortunate enough to possess a steadfast benevolent Elder sibling you have an all powerful older brother who ceaselessly safeguards your interests even the most devoted family member or friend cannot provide Perpetual companionship but I on the other hand shall never forsake your side I am the friend who remains closer to you than any sibling never should you take for granted my constant presence in your life always bear in mind that your loyal friend also Reigns as the King of Kings if you could catch a glimpse of me and all my resend and Glory you would understand why John upon witnessing me fell prostrate as if bereft of life I am the Alpha and the Omega the living one who conquered death and endures for all eternity I implore you to approach me with reverence for I am your savior God remind yourself continually that the Magnificent gift of Salvation is eternally yours and express your gratitude according be mindful that your choices hold profound significance beloved they constitute an integral facet of my transformative work within you the majority of your choices transpire in solitude within the inner sanctum of your heart and mind however be cognizant of this fact I am Christ dwelling within you I comprehend each thought before it materializes and every decision before it is rendered your awareness that I am privy to all transpiring within you can serve as a safeguard against recklessness and self-centered living permit your yearning to gratify me the one who intimately comprehends you to reshape both your thought processes and way of life you may have presumed that many of your choices are inconsequential such is not the case a seemingly minor virt ous Choice made today May set you on a trajectory toward a momentous accomplishment conversely a seemingly trivial ill-considered Choice can Usher in significant failures or losses in the days to come yet even as your choices carry weighty consequences always remember that there is no condemnation for those who belong to me I possess the capacity to behold all your imperfections and blunders all the while lavishing upon you a magnificent and unwavering love invoke my spirit to assist you in embracing honesty and vulnerability in my presence do not be ashamed of your neediness instead employ it as a conduit for fostering a humble Reliance on me extend an invitation for me to execute my Divine will in your life understand that you are the clever and I am the Potter the Frailty you bring before me proves malleable in my hands serving as the raw material for my creative purpose your deepest need manifests as a call to lean upon me to trust in me unwaveringly and to exhibit profound confidence in my abilities acknowledging your inherent weakness Fosters a dependence on me devoid of shame I am in the process of teaching you to trust me with the entirety of your heart and mind a lifelong Endeavor the most efficacious means of dispelling fear lies in cultivating unwavering confidence in me your unyielding source of strength I redeem you from the abyss of Despair adorning you with love and mercy I enrobe you in goodness and through me your youth is continually renewed the splend gifts I bestow upon you are a testament to my delight in you permeating the depths of your soul while I perceive your transgressions and Imperfections my Flawless Love Remains steadfast primarily I regard you as my redeemed one graced with a crown of paradise and enveloped in Eternal Beauty I implore you to allow your identity as my beloved to occupy the Forefront of your consciousness often your thoughts tend to meander toward trivial matters especially when your mind drifts into idle contemplation therefore I urge you to remain Vigilant and unwavering in your prayers invite me into every facet of your existence your thoughts emotions and choices engaging in communion with me shall enable you to direct your focus away from inconsequential matters and toward the splenor of Eternal Realties while you linger in my presence I shall Infuse you with renewed Vigor regardless of the passage of time you shall remain eternally youthful in my presence remember you are a child of God one day you Shall Behold my countenance in its full Glory you shall stand face to face with me in the realm of Eternal Splendor until that moment arrives I I shall continue to mold the disposition of your mind prompting you to Dawn the mantle of your new self this t

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