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𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙏𝙤𝙙𝙖𝙮: Rest With Me | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my cherished one come rest with me for I know the burdens that weigh upon your heart amidst the clamor of life's demands I offer you the Solace of my presence take a deep breath and fix your gaze upon me for in my nearness you will find the peace you seek let the worries of the world roll off your shoulders like water off a duck's back for I am here always close to you open the Sacred Scriptures and seek me within their Pages let the words of Grace and Truth soak into your very Soul drawing you closer to my heart my word is a living breathing force that can Infuse new life into your weary Spirit as you read let the revelation of my love flood your being when you return to your daily tasks invite me into every moment make me a part of your plans and your problem solving I am relevant to every aspect of your life to all you say and do whisper my name Jesus and remember my presence in every Endeavor for I am the Lord of your life place your trust in me and you will witness my unfailing love shining brilliantly through the darkest of your trials when discouragement Creeps in reaffirm your trust in me remember who I am the Creator the sustainer of the universe your savior your lord your friend my love for you is unwavering unchanging not dependent on your performance as I am the same yesterday today and forever so is my perfect love lift up your soul to me waiting in my presence with honesty and without pretense in those moments of waiting and worship I will transform you and illuminate your path I may not reveal the future but I will guide you through this day one step at a time trust me completely beloved for I am taking Exquisite care of you find your security in me especially in a world that often feels unsafe know that I am always with you and I have already secured the ultimate victory in me and through me you have an eternity of perfect worry free life awaiting you where fear and worry shall be no more the worship of the king of glory will fill you with unimaginable Joy hold fast to this hope for it will strengthen and sustain you as you navigate the challenges of this Fallen World when anxiety Creeps in bring your concerns to me and remind yourself that I am the source of your security in all circumstances turn away from false Idols that promise safety and cling to me your Victorious savior God and eternal friend in me you are utterly secure rejoice in your dependence on me for this is where true security lies those who rely on themselves others or the world's circumstances build their lives on shifting Sands When Storms Come their foundations falter but you dear one are building your life upon the rock your foundation is more than sufficient to withstand life storms depend on me daily in moments of both calm and chaos and you will be prepared for whatever lies ahead it is a joyful discipline a privilege to stay in constant communication with me this precious connection grants you strength encouragement and guidance ensuring you are never never alone as you walk in the light of my presence I will help you rejoice in me throughout the day depending on me is the most Joyful Way To Live you carry the weight of yesterday's Mistakes burdened by regret you long to undo decisions that haunt you but the past is unchangeable even I existing Beyond Time honor the boundaries of your temporal world so do not waste your energy lamenting past choices instead come to me seeking forgiveness and wisdom I do not want to see you weighed down by your past as if Shackled by heavy chains picture me cutting those chains that bind you for I came to set you free you are free indeed rejoice in the knowledge that I redeem your failures forgiving and guiding you toward a path of transformation discuss your mistakes with me and be open to the lessons I wish to teach you I am here to help you grow remember this My Chosen One You Are Holy and dearly loved though you are not without imperfections or sin I see you through the radiant lens of my righteousness you are clothed in my perfect righteousness forever moreover you are dearly loved let this profound truth s s deep into your heart mind and spirit beloved is your truest identity when you gaze upon your reflection say to yourself I am my beloveds repeat these words throughout your day and before you sleep anchored in the perfect love of the king of glory you find a solid foundation for your life with your identity securely rooted in me you can extend compassion kindness humility gentleness and patience to others work on nurturing these qualities in your relationships knowing that the Holy Spirit within you will help he Delights in living through you blessing you and those around you I will bless my people with peace This Promise is for all who trust me as their savior so when anxiety looms offer this prayer Jesus bless me with your peace this simple plea connects you to me and opens you to my peace peace and trust in me are intimately intertwined the more you lean on me with confident dependence the less fear will grip your heart if your trust in me remain steadfast you need not fear even in the face of troubling news rest assured this world may Harbor bad news but I am not ringing my hands in helplessness I am am constantly at work even in the most dire situations bringing good out of evil my kingdom is about transformation and I invite you to join me in this endeavor live as a child of the light together we will draw others out of darkness and into the transforming light of my presence you will find me when you search for me with all your heart this task is both delightful and challenging spending time in my presence is a privilege reserved for those who know me as Savior and Lord to fully benefit from this precious experience seek me with your whole heart though your mind May often be Tangled and distracted ask my spirit to guard your thoughts and protect your heart from distractions distortions anxieties and other snares this will help you unscramble your thoughts and calm your heart freeing you to search for me unhindered I want you to seek me not only in moments of quiet but also in the midst of your daily activities your remarkable mind can focus on me even amidst busyness the simple prayer Jesus Keep Me aware of your presence can be like soft background music playing continually beneath your other mental activities when your mind remains fixed on me you will find perfect peace I will restore to you the joy of my salvation when you come to me with a humble heart and confess your sins I gladly forgive you but there is more I restore you the salvation of your soul is a source of inexpressible and glorious Joy I desire for you to experience the Deep pleasure of a close relationship with me once more I long to be your first love in a world filled with distractions and competing demands it is essential to keep me first in your heart when routines become tedious duties pause and remember who I am the king of kings the Lord of lords the Creato

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